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The teenager only worked for Thomson Travel for two months but continued to use the company's passwords to book flights and hotels after leaving his jobCatch me if you can teenage conman who lived jet-set life by duping travel agent bosses admits even more frauds

Reece Scobie, from Rait, Perthshire, who was 19 at the time of his original conviction, is already serving 16 months for swindling his way to a globetrotting lifestyle.

So THAT'S what it takes to turn into a Strictly dancing queen: 9ft of hair extensions. 50 types of glitter. Knickers you can see from space. CLARE GOLDWIN gets the makeover the hit show gives its stars

Spot the difference: Abbey Clancy and Daily Mail writer Clare Goldwin
Whoever tangoes off with the trophy, tonight’s spectacle is as much thanks to cosmetics as it is to choreography. So, we set the Strictly team their toughest challenge yet. Could they turn me, a 40-year-old mother-of-two, into a glitzy finalist? And not just any finalist, the most impossibly glamorous of the lot: model Abbey Clancy — in the outfit she wore on launch night in September.

Young adult author whose memoir about depression was made into film with Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts commits suicide aged 32

author Ned Vizzini, 32, was found dead in New York on Thursday after more than a decade of acclaim as a young adult author.

Santa's little miracles: The 70million-to-one twins who are also quads (making it a VERY busy Christmas for their mum and dad)

Nine-month-old 70million-to-one quads James, Joshua, Lauren and Emily Turner will be celebrating their first Christmas
Nine-month-old James, Joshua, Lauren and Emily Turner will be celebrating their first Christmas at home in Upper Lambourn, Berkshire. Although presents and a festive dinner will feature in the special day, they will take second place to the babies feeding and sleeping routines.

Fraudster: Gareth Wyn Francis asked local people to fund his treatmentMan faked brain tumour to con £28k out of well-wishers so he could fund his 'treatment'

Gareth Wyn Francis, who diagnosed his illness on the internet, was convicted of three charges of fraud at Swansea Crown Court.

Honk if I'm a scumbag': American woman battered by thug after refusing his sexual advances gets her own back by forcing him to hold humiliating sign at roadside in return for her not pressing assault charges

Tampa, Florida resident Alisha Hessler, 20 (left and right), was going to press charges against Gabriel Urena (center) after he beat her up but decided to take justice into her own hands. The two had never met before last Saturday night when some of Hessler's friends invited Urena to go out clubbing. Later in the night, Urena started making unwanted sexual advances on Hessler and she hit him trying to make him stop. That's when he started beating her so hard she was left with a concussion. Hessler filed a report the next day before reading a post on Urena's Facebook expressing remorse for beating her up, saying he needed to change. Hessler challenged that statement and told him she wouldn't press charges if he agreed to sit at a busy intersection for eight hours holding a sign that read: 'I beat women. Honk if I'm a scumbag'.

Injured: David Porter and his wife Valerie wait for help on Thursday evening after the collapse'It was a miracle that we walked out alive': Injured audience member who was sitting directly below collapsed theatre ceiling says it 'beggars belief' more were not hurt

David and Valerie Porter, from Needingworth, Cambridgeshire, were taken to hospital in the aftermath of the collapse at the Apollo Theatre in central London.

Last picture of Ronnie Biggs: Pathetic photo of Great Train Robber days before he died

Ronnie Biggs final picture preview
The sad image shows the decline of the notorious figure, who died in the early hours of Wednesday. Biggs had suffered years of ill-health since returning to England in 2001, having lived a life on the run after he played a minor part in one of the most infamous crimes in British history.

Abandoned: The Eurofighter, pictured, will no longer be bought by the UAEDid UAE axe £6billion Eurofighter deal because Britain didn't bomb Syria? PM snubbed after a year of talks

The oil-rich Gulf state suddenly pulled the plug on plans to buy 60 Eurofighter Typhoons from defence giant BAe Systems on Thursday

According to UK Scrabble expert Barry Grossman, there are at least 100 different ways players can winWant to know the best letter to pick in Scrabble? Britain's top players reveal their secrets and the most unusual words to help you win this Christmas

According to two Scrabble experts, every winner knows words without vowels - like brrr, grrl, pfft, and psst. And euoi, a Bacchic cry of frenzy, is essential to bag the title

'Miserly' offer: Workers at Poundland have slammed their Christmas bonus of a 10 per cent store discountWorkers at Poundland get a 'miserly' 10% discount as their Christmas bonus ... but they can't use it on chocolate or fizzy drinks

The offer - dubbed 'miserly' by union barons - gives staff members just 10p off each item at the bargain chain.

Getting goofy! Watch what happened when a fascinated service dog met Disney's Pluto

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows the fluffy white dog, Bingo, pouncing and playing with the staffer dressed as the classic Disney character.
The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows the fluffy white dog, Bingo, pouncing and playing with the staffer dressed as the classic Disney character. At first, the dog is apprehensive about meeting the oversized pooch, and looks for encouragement from his owner, Mark, who is behind him in a wheelchair. Slowly, Bingo begins to trust Pluto, inching closer before jumping back with a bark - and eventually the two become firm friends. 'All my dogs think Pluto is a real Dog,' Mark said. 'He wanted to Pluto chase him really bad.'

Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford was one of three plaintiffs in the case pushing for the decriminalization of certain activities associated with prostitution like running a brothelCanada strikes down ALL of its anti-prostitution laws after sex workers said ban on brothels put them at risk

Canada has removed all anti-prostitution laws after sex workers fought for safer working conditions following the serial killings of prostitutes by a pig farmer in British Columbia.

Acceleration: The authors of the study say that women with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have an early menopauseHow having type 2 diabetes before 45 increases the risk of menopause THREEFOLD and 10 years earlier

A study showed the average age of menopause in women with diabetes was 48.5 years, as opposed to 50.1 years in non-diabetic women.

The care worker broke two vertebrae in her spine after leaping 10ft from a bathroom window to escape a schizophrenic who was threatening to kill herCare worker broke her spine in two places after leaping 10ft from a bathroom window to escape sex pest schizophrenic

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, locked herself in the bathroom at the Wirral residential home before Craig Cantwell smashed his way in, forcing her to jump.

Search: Emergency services were called to a nightclub in Brighton (pictured), East Sussex, at 2.20am todayMajor search for woman 'swept out to sea after couple went into water following night out in Brighton'

Emergency services were called to a nightclub in Brighton, East Sussex, at 2.20am today following reports that a couple had gone into the water.

Inflamed: South Korean activists burn effigies of North Korea's founder, the late Kim Il-Sung, late leader Kim Jong-Il and leader Kim Jong-Un during a rally against North Korea in SeoulNorth Korea issues threat to South Korea to 'strike mercilessly without notice' - by FAX

The message warned that North Korea would strike if 'the provocation against our highest dignity is to be repeated in the downtown of Seoul.'

Trademark style: Charles Saatchi arrives at court for the trial of the Grillo sisters brutal genius who craves power even more than money: A shocking portrait of the real Charles Saatchi

Until the Grillo sisters stepped into the dock, the most brilliant advertising mind of his time had skilfully created for himself an almost mysterious aura of privacy.
British businessman Charles Saatchi and his wife Nigella Lawson, journalist, at Scotts Restaurant Mayfair, London, England.
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Now will Nigella face drugs probe? Police won't rule it out if 'new evidence' emerges, raising a cloud over her career in the U.S.

At this stage Scotland Yard has no plans to probe allegations the celebrity cook (pictured with ex-husband Charles Saatchi) took cocaine – but detectives will review this decision should proof come to light.

 ****Ruckas Videograbs**** (01322) 861777Sharing wine and hugging on TV: When Nigella and aide she accused were best pals

Lisa Grillo (pictured with Nigella Lawson) was once such a trusted member of 'Team Cupcake' that the TV chef invited her Italian assistant to appear on her 2007 BBC cookery series, Nigella Express.

© Licensed to London News Pictures. 05/12/13. London, UK Nigella Lawson leaves Isleworth Crown courtWrath of the domestic goddess: As aides are cleared of fraud, Nigella's fury at being made a 'ridiculous sideshow' in court

Last night the TV cook said allegations of her drug taking were 'malicious' and part of a campaign to destroy her by her 70-year-old ex-husband, the multi-millionaire Charles Saatchi.

Inside Nigella's toxic marriage: She was haunted by depression. He was a terrible bully driven mad by jealousy of her children. The bitter truth behind Nigella and Saatchi's marital breakdown

For years Nigella had been existing in the toxic stew of a miserable marriage to Charles Saatchi, her sadness assuaged sometimes by her use of cannabis and cocaine, writes ALISON BOSHOFF. For his part, Saatchi, 70, has been telling friends this week that he has no idea what Nigella could mean by 'intimate terrorism', but he is grimly certain that she spent a considerable amount of time dreaming up such a wounding phrase to try to destroy him.

Santa's grotto on fire at Chessington World Of Adventures: Dozens of firefighters tackle blaze

Scene: Firefighters are tackling a blaze that has broken out at Creaky Cafe in Chessington World of Adventures NEW Eight fire crews have been sent to Creaky Cafe in Chessington World of Adventures - which is situated next to several animal enclosures.

'I know when I look in the mirror, it's not the person I want to be': Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington says she will not rule out surgery to make her a 'pretty girl'

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has revealed she would not rule out surgery to make her a 'pretty girl' admitting she does not feel comfortable with her appearance NEW Britain's most successful swimmer ever said she has always battled with insecurities about her appearance. The 24-year-old said she hopes her honesty will inspire young women facing their own demons.

There WILL be a white Christmas! Forecasters predict a light covering of snow on December 25 (but not quite enough to build a snowman)

According to the Met Office, heavy rain will subside late on Christmas Eve to make way for snowfall across the UK On Christmas Eve temperatures will plummet, leaving some parts of the country covered in snow by morning. But those hoping to build snowmen shouldn't hold their breath.

Savvy spending: Numerous retailers have slashed prices today to entice last-minute shoppers 







Panic Saturday is here! One THIRD of Britons will hit the streets today to snap up last-minute Christmas gifts... and we'll be spending £1.8m A MINUTE

NEW Millions of last minute bargain-hunters are set to hit the high street today for Panic Saturday - one of the last remaining shopping days before Christmas.

'I can't tell you how upset I am right now': Pop star Ian 'H' Watkins is confused for the SECOND time with Lostprophets paedophile after Google blunder

Ian H Watkins's fury at being mistaken for Lostprophets paedophile An image of the former Steps singer, pictured main, was mistakenly used on celebrity website E! Online instead of the disgraced paedophile rock singer, inset, last month. 'H' received a High Court apology from US parent company E! Entertainment Television in London yesterday. Last night the singer tweeted his anger, bottom, after another article appeared online alongside his photograph.

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