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Footballer, 23, 'panicked' when he received topless selfie of 46-year-old blonde admin worker - because she was 'as old as his mother'

A member of staff at Burton Albion was alleged to have wandered into the dressing room as players were changing, a tribunal has been told
Burton Albion star Billy Kee, 23, (left) 'panicked' when he received topless selfie pictures from Kerry Miller, 46, (centre and far right) who is accusing the League Two team of driving her out of her job. Mr Kee told an employment tribunal how he sent naked pictures of himself to the blonde after receiving an image of her wearing underwear and another completely topless.

'I've found Mike!' Suicidal man whose life was saved by a stranger six years ago is reunited with him after global Twitter campaign #FindMike

Daybreak Two weeks ago, Jonny Benjamin, now 26, appeared on UK's Daybreak appealing for the man who encouraged him not to jump off Waterloo Bridge, in London, to come forward. Today, Mr Benjamin was back on the television programme but this time to reveal that following the search which went worldwide he has been reunited with the man who saved his life - Neil Laybourn, 31, from Surrey.

Teenager bullied 'over vote for Scots independence': Girl left in tears after becoming victim of anti-English abuse at her school

Sasha Bell-Newman, age 13 from Burntisland, a pupil at Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy, bullied because she is English An English-born schoolgirl was left in tears when she became the victim of vicious anti-English abuse in her Scottish secondary school. Sasha Bell-Newman, 13, was told to 'f*** off back to your own country' by a fellow pupil. According to Sasha's mother, Teresa, the pupils have recently been taught about the forthcoming independence referendum and had been encouraged to think about a Scottish national anthem.

Shamed TV football commentators in new sexism storm after video emerges of them chanting 'Get your t*** out' at female presenter

Richard Keys and Andy Gray Andy Gray and Richard Keys were sacked by Sky Sports following a series of allegedly misogynistic incidents, including mocking a woman linesman and making crude jokes on camera. A newly unearthed video shows the pair wolf-whistling at Sky's Clare Tomlinson, before shouting: 'Get off the pitch!' Mr Gray and Mr Keys then launched into a chant of 'Get your t**s out for the lads!' as their colleague waiting to begin recording.

The wettest January in 100 YEARS: Britain soaked by double the normal rainfall - and ANOTHER deluge is due this weekend

The wettest January in a CENTURY: Britain soaked by double the normal rainfall - and another deluge is due this weekend
Parts of southern England have had the most rain in January since records began in 1910. A large area from East Devon to Kent and inland across parts of the Midlands has already seen twice the average rainfall for the month. Pictured above is the spectacular moment lightning struck close to Tower Bridge.

Unveiled, face of the woman who refused to remove her niqab in court as she dramatically pleads guilty to witness intimidation

Rebekah Dawson
Rebekah Dawson, 22 – whose refusal to remove the full face covering has caused controversy – is pictured here for the first time. The image can finally be revealed after she dramatically admitted witness intimidation. Her guilty plea followed a six-day trial during which a judge controversially allowed her to wear the niqab after ruling that the court should recognise ‘freedom of religious expression’.

Is this the cheapest house in Britain? Tiny terrace in Wales goes on sale for just £8,000 (but the toilet's in the garden)

Is this the cheapest house in Britain? Tiny terrace in Wales goes on sale for just £8,000 (but the toilet's in the garden)
The one-bedroom property in Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, which goes under the hammer in two weeks' time, will require considerably more than a lick of paint. With many parts of Britain are going through a housing boom and the average London home now costing £400,000, the diminutive house is expected buck the trend and sell for less than the cost of a cheap small car.

'Shaken' Paddy Ashdown and wife Jane in fatal car crash which left man, 49, dead

Paddy Ashdown and his wife Jane involved in fatal car crash in which 49-year-old man died on Somerset road
The 72-year-old peer was being driven by his wife Jane (right) when they were involved in the crash at a notorious accident black spot near their home. It is thought a Vauxhall Corsa driven by Mark Hurford (left) clipped the Ashdowns' Renault Scenic as it came round a corner. Both the peer and his wife walked away unscathed but Mr Hurford, who was 49, died at the scene.

Haunting exhibits recalling the grief and terror of 9/11

911 memorial museum
Some of the heartbreaking items at the new 9/11 museum in New York include a scorched ambulance (main picture), destroyed traffic signals (top right) and abandoned bikes (bottom right). But there has been was controversy over the high ticket price of $24 announced last Friday.

'My dog savaged me three times but I won't let them put him down'

Angela Fielder with Boris Boris mauled Angela Fielder, 39, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, who was hospitalised but insisted she had no problems for most of the six-year-old's life. After the attacks he was remorseful, she claimed, cuddling up to her. 'The bites were my fault,' she added. 'Most people say what a soppy, lovely dog he is'.

'Are you gonna kill me?

'You're not going to f****** kill me!': Ross Kemp stares down guerrillas in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
The 49-year-old former EastEnders hardman and his crew had hiked into jungle near the city of Hagan to interview 'The General', the leader of a gang of violent robbers who terrorise the slums. But the expedition nearly ended in disaster after three men wielding rifles and shotguns emerged from the bush and pointed the weapons at Mr Kemp.

Schumacher 'has responded to instructions' and 'was able to blink during brain tests' as doctors bring him out of his coma, say sources

Support act: Schumacher's wife Corinna insists her husband is a 'fighter' who will not give up Seven-times Formula One world champion Schumacher, 45, has spent the last month in hospital after sustaining brain injuries following a skiing accident.

Diving for their lives: Heart stopping footage shows Thailand tourist boat going down in just minutes as terrified passengers hurl themselves overboard

Dramatic footage of a boat sinking in just minutes off the coast of Thailand as passengers hurl themselves overboard
As the ship - named the Aladdin - goes down in just minutes, people can be heard screaming and shouting for help as they realise that they are in grave danger. Some of the passengers who jumped off the boat were sucked under the waves as they tried to escape. Others were able to dive to safety. Miraculously none of the 13 people on board died after people on another boat swam over to save them.

'I got a call from Scorsese, he wants to do a sequel': Mob lawyer jokes outside court as the 'Real Goodfellas' deny involvement in 1978 Lufthansa JFK heist made famous by the movie

Goodfellas arrest preview
As alleged mob boss Vincent Asaro, top left, was charged with the 1978 Lufthansa heist, his attorney, right, joked about the raid's Goodfellas connection. After his 78-year-old client pleaded not guilty to robbery charges, attorney Gerald McMahon joked that director Martin Scorsese wanted to do a sequel to the film. Asaro is one of five alleged mafia members arrested this week. The others include Thomas DiFore, Jerome Asaro, Jack Bonventre and John Ragano.

The workers who are VERY happy to get the sack! Chinese staff receive £200,000 bonuses in bags of cash

One worker who is VERY happy to get the sack! Chinese staff receive £200,000 bonuses in cash handed out at a bizarre payday party
In scenes reminiscent of Wolf Of Wall Street, one firm in China dished out massive cash bonuses to its managers during a bonus payday party. It showed the vast gulf that is starting to exist between the country's rich and poor. This bizarre bonus payday included uniformed hostesses to hand out the armfuls of cash to the managers at the land development firm, and the staff themselves were dancing across the stage as their names were called, and they were handed their bonus.

'It's a f*** up of major proportions': Bungling workers who accidentally pumped cement into a Tube control room tried to stop it by throwing bags of SUGAR into the sludge

Victoria cement
The leak (pictured) at Victoria station forced Transport for London to suspend the Victoria Line between Warren Street and Brixton. Contractors were seen pouring bag after bag of sugar into the sludge when vital signalling equipment was submerged in a 'f*** up of major proportions', staff have said. Cement meant for new foundations of a £700million upgrade at Victoria had leaked into a control room, and a large amount of sugar, which is a 'cement destroyer', was needed to stop it becoming solid. Aside from the obvious mistake, Transport for London was further criticised after they initially put the line closure down to flooding, but said today there had been 'confusion' about what happened.

'Do it in the side of your head... don't miss': Father's final words to his suicidal son who wanted to shoot himself because he couldn't face going to prison for firing at police

Alistair Bell, who was shot dead by a police officer after an armed seige outside his home
Alistair Bell, 42, left, from Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, called his father during a six-hour stand-off with armed officers saying he'd shot two policeman and wanted to kill himself. The siege began when an officer went to his door to arrest him. Bell pulled a gun out, and armed officers surrounded the house, top right. Bell fired a total of 34 shots at officers from an upstairs window, bottom right, before he was shot in the head by an unnamed police marksman, an inquest into his death was told.

'I dress to please my new man - but my girlfriends are livid': TESSA CUNNINGHAM has swapped her jeans for dresses and grown her hair

Tessca Cunningham
Tessa Cunningham (pictured with her new partner Richard and right, before she met him) said her ex-husband couldn't care less if she wore £200 Nicole Farhi dress or Primark jeans. Now things are different, but it seems dressing up for a man still raises the hackles of female friends - who far from applauding her decision, treated her as if she had betrayed the sisterhood.

The National Vanity Awards: Ant and Dec in a private jet, selfies galore and a flood of daft Tweets on the night of 1,000 egos

A veritable deluge of tweets and 'selfies' poured out of the National Television Awards held at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday night, each more self-congratulatory than the last, as celebrities competed for the ultimate award of the night: who could lap up the limelight the most.

Sickening moment drunken thug kicked total stranger's head for no reason 'as if it was a football' as he bent down to tie his shoelaces - so WHY did he only get a suspended sentence?

This is the sickening moment a violent thug kicks another man in the head 'as if it was a football' as he bent down to tie his shoelaces Vitalijis Zavjalovs, 22, was captured on CCTV laughing with a friend as he leaves his victim lying on the ground following the attack in Wigan, Lancashire. The footage, which emerged during a court hearing to sentence Zavjalovs, shows Zavjalovs running towards his victim (top left) before kicking him in the head (top right) and then leaving him lying unconscious on the ground (bottom right and left).

British student arrested at Heathrow 'had £16,000 hidden in her knickers for Syrian fighters'

girl Nawal Msaad, 26, an undergraduate from Holloway, North London, was arrested at Heathrow last Thursday as she prepared to board a flight to Istanbul with 20,000 euros wrapped in cling film in her knickers. She and her alleged co-conspirator Amal Elwahabi, 27, are the first British women charged with terror offences over the conflict.

Bodyguard who protected dignitaries in Libya and Afghanistan killed himself because he was unable to cope with break up

Ian became very angry and very obsessed with his relationship Twice married Ian Robinson, 37, protected foreign dignitaries during dangerous assignments in Libya and Afghanistan. But following a difficult break up he killed himself. Eventually after a row with ex-girlfriend Melissa Biagini he texted her saying that he had attempted to take his own life, messaging her: 'I’ve tried twice but chickened out'.

The man who turned half-naked women into chairs - and called it art: How Allen Jones' sculptures are still sparking controversy 45 years on

British artist Allen Jones designed a set of sculptures - a hat-stand, table and chair - in 1969 which all incorporated fibreglass models of submissive women in skimpy leather outfits. So what does he make of the chair at the centre of the current controversy. Is he flattered by Melgaard’s ‘homage’ to his original? Far from it. He told a BBC interviewer he found it ‘rather tacky and distasteful. I can only imagine that he [Melgaard] was going to get a lot of publicity, which unfortunately it has, for the wrong reasons.’

'Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance': How Big Brother is TEXTING Kiev protesters

The text, inset, sent to people who had gathered at a focal point for anti-government rallies in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, came as a law making it illegal to take part in almost all forms of protest came into force. It read: 'Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.' Campaigners claim this proves the state is employing Orwellian methods to monitor protesters' every move in an attempt to disrupt opposition efforts. They fear the use of tracking technology could mean the government will be able to target individual opponents based on their phone records. The ominous new development came as the death toll during violent clashed with riot police is thought to have risen in fierce clashes with police, right. Protesters set fire to cars and hurled objects at authorities, left.

The outfits that tell us when it's time to lose weight: As Carol Vorderman says her snug trousers keep her trim, what's YOUR 'bulge barometer'?

bulge outfit
From the too-tight trousers taunting us from the back of the wardrobe to the sexy dress spurring us to stick to our diet, many of us keep an item of clothing to remind us of our slimmer days - rather like Carol Vorderman (right), who revealed last week that she doesn't own a pair of scales, but uses a pair of unforgiving designer 'trying on trousers' to gauge her weight. Here, five writers bravely try on their own personal body barometers, with occasionally uncomfortable results . . .

'I lost my mother for a second time when she died last month': CLOVER STROUD struggled through 22 years of grief and guilt while Charlotte clung to life in a coma after a fall from her horse

Clover Stroud
'Standing on the banks of the River Thames on a cold afternoon last month,' says Clover Stroud, 'I stared into the water as the grey cloud of my mother's ashes vanished with the current. It seemed impossible that her life was finally over, and for one mad moment I wanted to immerse myself in the river among her ashes. Anything to keep her close a little longer, rather than face the pain of losing her again.'

Californian girl beaten to death for walking in front of a camera: Woman, 23, killed outside nightclub 'because she accidentally interrupted a photo'

Kim Pham Kim Pham (right), who died on Tuesday after her family switched off her life support following a brutal assault outside a nightclub in Santa Ana, California, allegedly got into a fight with a group of people after inadvertently spoiling their photo. Authorities are now urging witnesses or anyone with any information about the attack to come forward (left). One woman in her twenties has so far been arrested.

Businessman tackles two thieves after catching them red-handed on his property... now HE'S one on trial for assault

Andrew Woodhouse, 44, was today on trial facing assault charges on the two raiders he found stealing diesel from his business
Andrew Woodhouse (left), of Govilon, near Abergavenny, Wales, is on trial facing assault charges on two raiders he found stealing diesel from his business. The court heard Woodhouse chased Kevin Green (top right) and then attacked him, leaving him with two broken legs and a broken arm. He then chased Timothy Cross (bottom right) before rugby-tackling him. He lay on top of the raider until police arrived. He was then arrested and accused of using excessive force.

Can you crack the code? Web sleuths help decipher mystery messages written by US grandmother just before she died of cancer 18 years ago

Grandmother code A mystery that has eluded the family of a Minnesota cancer sufferer for nearly 20 years is on its way to being solved thanks to internet sleuths. On Monday Janna Holm, right, posted images of two index cards covered in a seemingly unbreakable code that her grandmother, Dorothy Holm, left, had written just weeks before her death in 1996. Less than 15 minutes later the code was on its way to being solved after a web user spotted a possible method to the madness of jumbled letters

The people who are STILL living like it's 1951: Captivating portraits take a look inside America's Rockabilly community

Jennifer Greenburg
Jennifer Greenburg, the assistant professor of photography at Indiana University Northwest, has been photographing America's Rockabilly community for more than ten years; people that not only dress like it’s the Fifties, but also drive perfectly preserved Cadillacs and decorate their homes with furniture to rival the retro sets of Mad Men. 'At first I thought the culture was about fashion,' the 36-year-old photographer told MailOnline. 'Then I realized it was much, much, more than that. I realized that this was a culture of people who functioned as a community.'

Teenager fatally electrocuted after putting his ear to live rail to ‘listen’ to the tracks to see if his train was coming

Kanwal Butt, 17, died immediately after putting his ear to the tracks to see if his train was approaching Kanwal Butt (pictured), 17, died immediately after putting his ear to the tracks to see if a train was approaching Godstone station in Surrey, an inquest heard.

Inside ecstasy death rave: Young revellers pictured passing balloons of 'hippy crack'

Many of the teenagers are seen with the legal high ‘hippy crack’ and some appear to be casually passing substances to one another. Daniel Spargo-Mabbs (inset), whose last words to his parents were ‘I promise I won’t die’, suffered a heart attack at the gathering on an industrial estate in Hayes, West London, on Friday. He died two days later in hospital.

The pothole superhero: Ever wanted to throttle a council jobsworth? So did Frank after his car hit a hole in the road. Now he's won a victory for every driver

Frank Cattrall
Frank Cattrall, 62, of Colchester, pictured, is the Essex man who would not go quietly when his car hit a pothole last April, landing him with a £500 bill. Instead, he took it up with Essex County Council. After they ignored him and then tried to shoo him away, he turned detective. And even when he unearthed conclusive evidence that they really were to blame, the form-fillers still refused to back down. So Frank took it all the way to court earlier this month.

A very modern family - and two young girls caught up in the toxic fallout: Lesbian mother and gay sperm donor at war over whether he should be allowed to be a hands-on father

family On two occasions in 1998 and 2000, Mark donated his sperm to Mandy, and she subsequently became pregnant with her daughters, Ri'anna, now 15, and Shannon, 13. As far as Mark, 49, is concerned, he is a sperm donor, no more than that, with no fatherly obligations or responsibilities towards the two girls.

Thirteen is lucky for some! Ant and Dec carry off honours AGAIN as Corrie, Strictly and Doctor Who win at National Television Awards

The pair, who won the entertainment presenter award for the thirteenth year running, also saw I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! which they host, win the entertainment programme award. They finished off the night with the prestigious landmark award which came complete with a tribute from the Prince of Wales who said: 'The warmth and empathy they show towards charitable causes, their viewers and their deep friendship towards one another are as great achievements as their countless and well-deserved awards. The nation has taken them to their hearts.'

Girl, seven, could be scarred for life after suffering a severe reaction to a henna tattoo in Egypt

Sanah Younis, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, had the temporary black henna tattoo on her arm during a family break to Sharm El-Shikh over Christmas and New Year. But within days she started to feel pain and her arm became inflamed. Doctors have told her mother Rehana the wounds may take years to heal.

'He jumped almost like someone shot him': Shocking moment weight-lifter was left paralysed after falling barbell severed his spine

Tragedy struck Sunday while Kevin Ogar, a coach at a CrossFit gym in Denver, was performing a 'snatch' - a staple move in the sport that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and sprinting.
Tragedy struck Sunday while Kevin Ogar, a coach at a CrossFit gym in Denver, was performing a 'snatch' - a staple move in the sport that combines weightlifting, gymnastics and sprinting. he 6 foot 1, 210-pound Ogar lifted a heavy dumbbell to his waist and then over his head, but couldn't hold it, letting the heavy bar plummet to the floor behind him. The bar bounced against another set of weights, striking Ogar in the back and severing his spine.

'Go on, you Muslim, die': Shocking moment smirking Lidl shop assistant racially abused a Muslim customer in row over plastic bags

Witnesses said the man got into an argument with the cashier in front of other customers because he did not know that carrier bags in the supermarket must be paid for. The two-minute clip was taken at the supermarket's store in Balsall Heath, Birmingham - and towards the end of it, the cashier can be heard screeching: 'Go on, you Muslim, die.'

The rise of the 'Insta-babes': The bikini queens turning Instagram selfies into big business

Renee Somerfield (pictured middle), 23, from Sydney, is one of the women whose sexy self-portaits have launched their modelling and designing careers, along with fellow Australian Ellie Gonsalves (right) and Jen Selter from New York (left). Renee has posted thousands of bikini photos and has more than 430,000 followers on Instagram website and was featured on the cover of this month's Maxim Australia magazine in a shoot titled 'Australia's sexiest social media stars', alongside Ellie, who has 220,000 followers on the image-sharing site.

King Alfred the Great's bones discovered inside a MUSEUM: Remains inside box are thought to belong to Anglo-Saxon ruler

The bones of King Alfred the Great are believed to have been found in a box stored in a museum, and not buried in an unmarked grave as previously thought.
Researchers believe a pelvis bone, which has been in storage at Winchester City Museum, could belong to the king Alfred. However, there is a chance that the bone could belong to this son, Edward the Elder, instead. Archaeologists at the University of Winchester carried out an exhumation of the grave at St Bartholomew’s Church in Winchester, Hampshire, last March in a bid to find the last resting place of the ninth-century king. But tests have shown that those remains were not the influential warrior king.

'I was so fat I derailed a TRAIN': Mother, 30, is shamed into losing seven-and-a-half stone after her 20st bulk brought a miniature railway to a standstill

Kerry Hill
Kerry Hill, from the West Midlands, dropped from a size 24 to a size 12 after ditching junk food, takeaways and cooking with oil. She now weighs a trim 12st 5lbs and says she is finally fit enough to play properly with her young sons.

Royal baby joy as Zara Phillips gives birth to girl weighing 7lbs 12ozs - and is BACK HOME within a few hours

The Queen's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, has given birth to a baby girl today Zara has already returned to her Gloucestershire home after she gave birth to a 7lb 12oz girl at a NHS hospital this morning. Mother and baby are believed to be doing well. Zara's husband, the former England rugby player Mike Tindall, was present at the birth of their first child at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester, Buckingham Palace announced. The new baby, who has not yet been named, is sixteenth in line to the throne but will not bear a royal title. She is the Queen's fourth great-grandchild.

It's your mess, so YOU clean it up! The moment humiliated vandals who ran along street knocking over bins and throwing rubbish into road were made to clear it up

CCTV yobs
The young men, who had apparently been on a night out in York, began overturning wheelie bins and throwing bags of rubbish into the street. With the roads deserted at 2.30am, they presumably thought their antics would go unnoticed - but they were being monitored on surveillance cameras the whole time. CCTV operators called the police, who rushed to the scene and stopped the vandals from continuing their anti-social behaviour.

The hop princess: Swedish royal Victoria refuses to let a ski accident stop her carrying out her duties

Crown Princess Victoria hops to it and presents the prestigious Tobias Prize in Sweden despite her leg sporting a heavy brace following a ski accident
Princess Victoria sprained her ankle in the Italian Alpine resort of Cervinia on Monday December 30. She was holidaying there with family members. The Tobias Prize is an award that funds high-class research into blood-related disorders.

Woman's terror after speeding BMW lost control, skipped over grass verge and ploughed into her front room

The 28-year-old woman was in bed at her semi-detached property in Leeds, West Yorkshire, when the BMW smashed into it at 2am. The car had been driving off from a police vehicle that had signalled for it to stop. The woman, who asked not to be named, said she heard sirens, shouting and running - and the noise was 'like being woken up by an earthquake'

Cancer survivor who was left bald after treatment charts her recovery with moving day-by-day photo diary of hair re-growing

Annmarie Bowen, 24, from Caerphilly, was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 21 and started taking photos after her chemo course ended. Her picture diary contains 150 photos, starting when the hairdresser was left bald due to chemo and ending with her showing off her newly-grown curly brown locks.

Daredevil dieter who weighed 18st sheds SEVEN stone to become a slimline motocross champion

Danielle Miller
At 18st, Danielle Miller, 22, from Southampton, was once too overweight to join in with her father and brothers while they enjoyed motorcycle racing. Today, Miss Miller is a motocross champion and says her life has completely changed since she slimmed down from size 22 to a svelte size 10. She credits the regular training required to stay competitive in races with helping her to keep the weight off.

Newlywed primary school teacher dies just hours after discovering she had a blood clot 'caused by contraceptive pill'

A woman who had just married her child-hood sweet heart died a day after being diagnosed with a blood clot on her brain
Helen Thompson, 28, was told that she had a clot on her brain just four months after she married husband James. Just one day later, the teacher, from Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire, was dead. Her distraught widower James said: 'She has been my best friend since I was 12 years old, and my partner since we were 18.'

Boy, 11, taken out of school by his mother because he was kicked out of classes after he had a VW logo shaved into his hair

Mother Charlotte Eccleston, left, kept her son Zac, right, off school for an entire week after he was kicked out of the classroom and banished to isolation for breaking school uniform rules with his £15 VW logo haircut, right
Zac Eccleston, 11, was kicked out of classes and put in isolation after turning up to school after the Christmas holidays with a VW logo shaved into his head. Camborne Science and International Academy in Cornwall said the haircut was against school policy but his mum disagreed and took him out of school for a week until the dispute was resolved.

Fore sale: The incredible £3million country house that comes with its own GOLF COURSE, swimming pool and 13-acre lake

golf The extensive grounds of The Old Wood house (left) in Cheshire feature a professionally landscaped six hole golf course with bunkers and 12 tees (top right). This picture-perfect private golf course is set in the 24 acres of grounds, making it a must for any golf-enthusiast. The luxurious house, on the market for £3,200,000, enjoys south-westerly views over its lake and boasts a newly constructed leisure wing and swimming pool (bottom right)

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