Footballer, 23, 'panicked' when he received topless selfie of 46-year-old blonde admin worker - because she was 'as old as his mother'

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Haunting exhibits recalling the grief and terror of 9/11

'My dog savaged me three times but I won't let them put him down'

'Are you gonna kill me?

Schumacher 'has responded to instructions' and 'was able to blink during brain tests' as doctors bring him out of his coma, say sources

Diving for their lives: Heart stopping footage shows Thailand tourist boat going down in just minutes as terrified passengers hurl themselves overboard

'I got a call from Scorsese, he wants to do a sequel': Mob lawyer jokes outside court as the 'Real Goodfellas' deny involvement in 1978 Lufthansa JFK heist made famous by the movie

The workers who are VERY happy to get the sack! Chinese staff receive £200,000 bonuses in bags of cash

'It's a f*** up of major proportions': Bungling workers who accidentally pumped cement into a Tube control room tried to stop it by throwing bags of SUGAR into the sludge

'Do it in the side of your head... don't miss': Father's final words to his suicidal son who wanted to shoot himself because he couldn't face going to prison for firing at police

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British student arrested at Heathrow 'had £16,000 hidden in her knickers for Syrian fighters'

Bodyguard who protected dignitaries in Libya and Afghanistan killed himself because he was unable to cope with break up

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King Alfred the Great's bones discovered inside a MUSEUM: Remains inside box are thought to belong to Anglo-Saxon ruler

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Royal baby joy as Zara Phillips gives birth to girl weighing 7lbs 12ozs - and is BACK HOME within a few hours