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REVEALED: How Justin Bieber's father once 'kung fu kicked teenage girl, broke her jaw and forced her to eat pureed food for two months'

Bieber EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Bieber was taken to court, accused of the brutal attack on Alicia Wadden - who stood at just 5ft3in and weighed 100 pounds. Alicia, then 18, from Stratford Ontario, says she was knocked unconscious by the kung fu style kick, which, according to an official police statement, broke her jaw in two places, chipped her teeth and forced her to eat through pureed food for two months in 2002 when Justin was seven. It will add to the intense fear that he is a bad influence on his superstar son, who has been involved in a number of controversial incidents in recent months, often while he has been with his father (pictured together bottom).

Awful moment Spanish teen smashes OAP in the face for getting best viewing spot during Seville’s Easter procession

Violence: Holy Week in Seville Religious occasions provoke strong feelings in the faithful, but few would have expected the reaction of a teenager who smashed a pensioner in the face who blocked his view of a Catholic procession. In an incredible scene captured by a television news crew in Seville during Holy Week, the youngster swung a powerful right straight into the nose of his grey-haired victim. The older man reeled from the blow and began bleeding from his nose, but remained standing. He was led away by a companion and, reports say, had to be 'taken care of urgently'

The lord and the ring: Treasure hunter finds ring - lost for 400 years - made for the man who founded England's greatest private property empire

The 24-carat piece of jewellery was a 'mourning ring' made in memory of Hugh Audley, a major landowner in the Jacobean period. It was found near Tibenham in Norfolk by John Reed using his metal detector, and was yesterday declared treasure trove by a coroner. Hugh Audley was one of the most famous - and notorious - money lenders of the 17th century, and was worth the equivalent of £30million when he died.

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who has the fairest ORGANS of them all? Smart surface reveals 'your' insides

The mirror will go on show at the Computer-Human Interaction conference in Toronto, Canada, and has already been experienced by viewers in Paris. The screen shows a PET scan, MRI scan and X-ray images and uses a gender recognition algorithm to match them to the people stood in front of it. It also uses Microsoft Kinect's motion-capture camera to track the movements of a person.

Perms, booze, free love and really tight speedos… and that's just the men: Take a terrifying look at Spring break in the 1980s

Spring Break: Fort Lauderdale
It's a longstanding American tradition. Around Easter-time each year, young people gather together from all over the country to get reckless and rowdy while schools and colleges are out. But while these days Spring Breakers are most likely to be found in permissive Panama City, or way down in Mexico where drink and drugs are easily found, way back in the mists of time Fort Lauderdale was the place to be. These pictures show students going wild Eighties style in the city on Florida's Atlantic coast.

Gpad The G-Pad, designed by Aws jan is designed to work with an iOS game Boy emulator called GBA4iOS. A London-based designer came up with the idea after his son kept losing games on his smartphone because he had no physical button to push during gameplay.

Will you be my baby? Adorable moment retired guard dog who never had puppies finds a tiny kitten in the park and takes on the role of being her mother

Retired South Florida store-owner Lorrie has shared adorable pictures of her dog, a large Akita breed, named Lily cuddling its little kitty pal in its paws. Lorrie said she was recently walking Lily, who protected her shop for years after training as a guard dog, in a heavily wooded area near her family's home when they came across the two-week-old cat. Lorrie decided to bring the cat home and try to feed her for a while before taking her to the Humane Society. 'So I brought her home thinking it was going to be a very long month keeping them apart and safe,' Lorrie said. 'Much to my surprise, Lily has adopted the kitten,' Lorrie said of the dog that never had puppies of her own. 'They seem to be doing very well together. I think Lily wants to keep her and I think in a months time she may get her wish.'

The moment new mother cradled the baby born just 12 hours after the death of his father in a motorbike crash

Mr Coray's partner Gemma-Louise Dunne, with baby Kylan Michael Coray (left) died in a road accident in Warrington, Cheshire on Saturday, the same day his partner Gemma-Louise Dunne gave birth to his first son Kylan (centre top), a name chosen by him. Miss Dunne (right, with Kylan) said Mr Coray had been an 'amazing' father figure to her two sons Bradley and Jayden (centre bottom) and was very excited about becoming 'a daddy'.

Last-minute reprieve: Incredible moment an Iranian killer is spared execution by his victim's mother. . . with the noose already round his neck

Act of mercy: The victim's parents take the noose off the convict's neck after sparing his life, however, under Iranian law, the family does not have any say in the killer's jail sentence
The convicted murderer, known as Balal, was sentenced to death for stabbing 18-year-old Abdollah Hosseinzadeh in a street fight in the Iranian town of Royan. Blindfolded and with the noose tight around his neck, the killer was due to have the scaffold chair kicked away from under him by the dead man's parents. But in an extraordinary act of clemency, the mother instead walks up to him, slaps him around the face (left) and chooses to forgive him. The parents then remove the noose (right) to the joy of the convict's mother who runs over and embraces the grieving woman who let her son walk free.

Beauty and the brawl: Miss Scarborough contest descends into chaos with mass punch-up after crowd erupt in fury over choice of winner

Miss Scarborough 2014
The crowd booed and hissed and chants of 'Fix! Fix!' erupted as Jess Gale, 18, (seen circled in top right) a student from Filey, North Yorkshire, walked on stage to collect her tiara. The ten-person gang then attacked security staff and threw glasses after deciding the Miss Scarborough contest was 'fixed' when their favourite for the crown - Shannon (circled bottom left) was eliminated. Audience members Jess Coyne, (middle right) her brother Billy, (bottom right) Ben Howram and Luke Burton (top right) have been accused of causing the trouble in North Yorkshire.

Bunga-loaded! Tatty single-storey house on sale for £2.25million - but it IS on Sandbanks millionaires' row

The bungalow would only be worth £200,000 in most parts of the country but, in the exclusive area of Sandbanks, Dorset, and with its own private beach, top right, it is on the market for more than ten-times that. The home is being sold by a brother and sister who have inherited it and comes with planning permission to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a luxury three-storey home, artist impressions top left and bottom

Down boy! Firefighters rescue Whisky the West Highland terrier after he got stuck on roof because he was chasing seagulls

Whisky, 1, climbed out of a window and on to a roof to be closer to seagulls at a house Felixstowe, Suffolk. Firefighters were called to the scene to rescue the dog. Owners Jenny and Richard Eacott even tried dangling ham out of the window but the little Westie was too terrified to move from the spot.

BBC newsreader George Alagiah, 58, is diagnosed with bowel cancer: Presenter is 'optimistic for a positive outcome'

George Alagiah The 58-year-old, who has been the face of BBC1's News At Six since 2007, is said to be 'optimistic' about a positive outcome. In a statement the BBC said: 'He is grateful for all the good wishes he has received thus far and is optimistic for a positive outcome. George asks that he and his family are given the space and privacy they require whilst he recovers.'

How do you MAKE yours, Cadbury? Inside the Willy Wonka-style chocolate factory where 1.5m Creme Eggs are made EVERY DAY

Creme Egg
The famous slogan of the Cadbury's Creme Egg is of course 'how do you eat yours?' but have you ever wondered how exactly they are made? Now you can find out as the Bournville factory in Birmingham lifts the lid on the secrets behind one of its biggest chocolate successes. Around 1.5 million Creme Eggs are made every single day and the process isn't as simple as you might think. The chocolate is poured still in liquid form into a mould (bottom left) and the white fondant is immediately poured on top (bottom right). The yellow fondant is then added and the different liquids do not mix as they are too dense. The treats sell in their millions each year in the run up to Easter and Cadbury executive Tony Bilsborogh says: 'The process of making the creme egg was a Eureka moment' for the company.

The star that put a ring on it: Astronomers spot 'engagement diamond' nebula

This image, captured by ESO¿s Very Large Telescope (VLT), shows the remarkably round planetary nebula Abell 33, located roughly 2500 light-years from Earth. Being perfectly round is uncommon for these objects, say astronomers, usually something disturbs the symmetry and causes the planetary nebula to display irregular shapes.
Called Abell 33, the nebula is located roughly 2500 light-years from Earth, and was pictured with a star in front of it to create a diamond ring effect. Being perfectly round is uncommon for these objects, said the European Space Agency, which captured the image using the Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Brooklyn's Barclays Center set to go green with giant roof garden

Brooklyn's Barclays Center is set to get a 130,000-square-foot "green roof" composed of small plants and a soil-like cover. It its is believed the greenery is also designed to muffle noise from the arena, and new residential housing is being built nearby.
Developers say the 130,000 square foot roof will create 'parklike' view for local residents - and it will also muffle noise from the venue. The venue has played host to stars such as Beyonce, and was also the scene of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus's infamous twerking, as well as being home to the Brooklyn Nets.

The broken heart of the red planet: Nasa spots mysterious heart-shaped craters on surface of Mars

The heart is located south of Ascraeus Mons, which is a large volcano within the Tharsis volcanic plateau, so it is extremely likely that this feature was formed by a volcanic process.
Located close to a huge volcano or the surface of the red planet, Nasa says the strange shape may have been caused by volcanic activity. However, the space agency is so intrigued by the unusual shape is plans to train its telescopes on the 'broken heart' again to try and work out exactly how big it is.

Titanic theory put on ice: Icebergs were not at dangerously high levels in 1912 - but they ARE today

Researchers at Sheffield University have dispelled the theory that the Titanic (inset) was ‘unlucky’ because it set sail in a year with an exceptionally high number of icebergs. Scientists found that between 1991 and 2000 eight of the ten years recorded more than 700 icebergs and five exceeded the 1912 total. As use of the Arctic increases in the future, scientists believe the ice hazard will increase in water not previously used for shipping.

Beats the train! £3,500 briefcase doubles up as an electric SCOOTER and can cover a mile in less than five minutes

Commuter Case
The scooter is a prototype, designed by Illinois-based Green Energy Motors. The vehicle weighs nearly two stone and has a top speed of 12.5mph (20km/h). The expensive price will be used to fund production of the device, although a release date has not been announced.

The mother of all pearls! World's largest natural pearl found by accident could fetch £250,000 when it goes under the hammer

Jewellery expert Marielle Whiting examines the largest natural round pearl in the world, which was discovered after an unsuspecting punter took an old pair of earrings into Wooley and Wallis auctioneers in Salisbury, Wiltshire
A pair of earrings have been found to contain a rare natural pearl. They were handed in to auctioneers in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The jewel, which is one of the rarest types of pearl, might also be the largest natural pearl in the world. It could sell for up to a quarter of a million pounds when it goes under the hammer in Salisbury on the 1st of May.

Strike a pose! SELFIE, the hands-free 'smart mirror' takes your photo when you smile and even posts it on Twitter

The SELFIE mirror (left) and the tech inside (right)
iStrategyLabs have unveiled a mirror that can take 'selfies' (left). It is called the Self Enhancing Live Feed Imagine Engine, or SELFIE. A Mac mini powers the tech behind the two-way mirror (right) and, when it detects a smile for two seconds using facial recognition software it takes your photo. The company says it could be used in a variety of places such as businesses and bars.

Can't swat a fly? Blame it on their jet manoeuvres: When under threat the insects roll and bomb like a fighter plane

Using high-speed video, scientists at the University of Washington have revealed the subtle movements and split-second turns made by flies.

Room with a view! Iconic 'floating' holiday home 132ft off the ground reopens with floor-to-ceiling windows (but you MUST have a head for heights)

PIC BY CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Exterior of Floating House) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a floating house (sort of). The Pole House, a stunning one bedroom property, stands 132 feet above Fairhaven Beach on the southern coast of Australia, supported by nine steel piles.This isolated property is only connected to the hills it sits in front of by a 76ft long walkway above the beautifully green trees below. Despite it being privately owned, holiday makers can rent these breath-taking views overlooking the Bass Straits for ,660AUS (£1,480) per week through Great Ocean Road Holidays. Its location means it is both airborne and seaborne at the same time and leaves the atmosphere at the mercy of the changing nature of the surrounding elements, like night and day. SEE CATERS COPY
Boasting unbelievable views, one of Australia's most photographed properties has been unveiled following a five-year make-over. The 'floating' Pole House, supported by steel stilts raising it 132ft above a stunning beach on the Great Ocean Road, now has a sleek new look.

They're pussy cats really! Tattooed heavy metal rockers risk their tough reputation to out themselves as kitty lovers with pets named 'Princess' and 'Fluffy'

Metal-loving guys might be in bands called Cattle Decapitation, but when it comes to their felines, it turns out that some of the toughest of the bunch favor cats named Fluffy and Princess. 

For a new book, Oakland-based photographer and Ph.D. student Alexandra Crockett spent four years traveling up and down the West Coast, documenting manly, masculine metal fans and their widdle cats. The result is Metal Cats, a collection of more than 700 photos of metaldudes posing lovingly with their feline pals, which will be published by powerHouse books next month. 

"When I decided to do it, I texted about 30 of my metalhead male friends, most of whom I knew already had cats," she told the Cut. "I just said, Hey, if I did this kind of, like, silly weird idea, what would you think about that? And they were all like, Oh my God, I really want to!?
Just because you named your band Skeletonwitch doesn't mean you don't want to cuddle with your kitty. That's the point of Oakland photographer Alexandra Crockett's new book, Metal Cats, which includes more than 700 shots of metal heads posing with their favorite cat.

Inside the decadent world of 1960s Soho: Lucian Freud, Dylan Thomas and Francis Bacon appear in intimate vintage photos documenting bohemian social scene

John Deakin
Soho was home to a bohemian crowd of artists and writers as John Deakin's incredible photos dating from the 1950s reveal. The black and white photos shed light on the hidden corners of the city's most colourful characters during 1950's and early 60's.

'My hands were full of blood': Extraordinary moment woman who stabbed her lover to death with a stiletto heel re-enacts the brutal attack in US court

Ana Trujillo, of Houston, took the stand as part of the punishment phase, which will determine her sentence. She faces the possibility of life in prison.
Ana Trujillo, of Houston, took the witness stand for the first time during the two-week trial as part of the punishment phase, which will determine her sentence. She faces the possibility of life in prison. The jury convicted Trujillo on Tuesday of murder in last June's killing of 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson at his home. Prosecutors say she pinned him down and stabbed him at least 25 times with the heel of her shoe.

He didn't get PLANTING permission! Chinese man tries to cover up illegal building on top of his penthouse apartment - with a two-storey ROOF GARDEN

Chinese businessman's brazen attempt to cover up illegal building on top of his penthouse apartment - a two-storey ROOF GARDEN
The man already had a roof garden on his 18th floor apartment in the city of Guangzhou, but he added extra vegetation while another two floors were built illegally. The scam was unveiled when one of the residents, worried that the extra illegally built floors might damage the rest of the building, complained to local media.

Ink the midwife: Mother and NHS nurse, 30, who is covered in body art is in running to be Miss Tattoo UK

Claire O'Sullivan
Mother-of-one Claire O’Sullivan hopes to be crowned Miss Tattoo UK and is on a mission to be an inspiration for all tattooed women. The 30-year-old, who has a host of tattoos as well as body piercings, likens body art to people decorating their houses and wants to dispel negative stereotypes about tattooed people. She admits some eyebrows have been raised over her heavily tattooed arms especially when she rolls up her scrubs on the hospital wards

The river you can’t see for RUBBISH: Former Indonesian paradise is now clogged with household waste and toxic chemicals dumped by textile factories

Once a tropical paradise, the Citarum in Java, Indonesia, is now said to be the dirtiest river in the world
The Citarum in Java, is now said to be the dirtiest river in the world - but more than 35million people still rely on it for drinking and washing. Locals say textile factories illegally dump chemicals into the river at night and some nearby village wells contain four times the recommended safe levels of mercury. A Greenpeace report last year claimed one of the largest textile manufacturers on the Citarum – PT Gistex Group – has had a ‘business relationship’ with Gap, H&M and Adidas.

Horror on the highway: TEN killed and more than 30 injured when bus carrying high school students in California explodes into flames after it collides head-on with FedEx truck

california crash
A FedEx truck crossed a grassy freeway median in Northern California and slammed into a bus carrying high school students on a visit to a college. Both drivers were killed, along with four chaperones on the school bus and five students, CBS. Massive flames could be seen devouring both vehicles just after the afternoon smash, and clouds of black smoke billowed into the sky until firefighters had quenched the fire, leaving behind scorched black hunks of metal. Bodies were draped in yellow plastic inside the burned-out bus.

'Why didn't he take MY life and let them live?': Mother tells of agony after disabled daughter, 25, and son, 7, were brutally murdered by ex-husband bent on revenge

Ryan, 7, and Michelle Thomson, 25, from Kirkcaldy in Fife were brutally stabbed to death by their violent father, Rab Thomson. Six years after the horrific murders, their mother June says she'll never be able to come to terms with her loss and still feels guilty that she wasn't there to protect them.

Satellite photos expose 40,000 Russian troops, tanks and fighter jets massed near Ukraine's borders as Nato warns Kremlin could order invasion within 12 HOURS

Fighter jets: Nato images show some of the 40,000 Russian troops its says are massed on Ukraine's borders
The Nato images (top and bottom) infuriated the Kremlin which claimed they were taken last year, but the alliance insisted the threat is real and said troops are at more than 100 sites. Many of the sites appeared to be fields and not established bases as pro-Russians (inset) remain barricaded inside government buildings in Ukraine for a sixth day. In other developments Ukraine has requested urgent gas supplies from the EU as Russia began new exports to China, ramping up fears that it will cut off its supplies to Europe in the pipelines it has flowing through the stricken country.

From the 'little dodo' to the flightless parrot: The world's 100 most unique and endangered birds are revealed

The 100 most diverse and endangered birds have been revealed
Experts have revealed the most diverse birds in the world that are on the verge of extinction including the greater adjutant (left), the kakapo (top right) and the spoon-billed sandpiper (bottom right). The list of 100 birds was released by the Zoological Society of London and Yale University. It is based on a paper that examined 10,000 bird species.

Can a daughter ever forgive her mum for walking out on her? Jill couldn't... until she was tempted to do the same to her OWN children

Jill Gardner with her birth mother Marion Becks photographed at her home in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
It wasn’t until history almost repeated itself that Jill Gardner was able to finally come to terms with her mother leaving. She remembers the idyllic upbringing before her mother Marian chose the man she was having an affair with over her and her two sisters — and the lonely, bleak years that followed.

Gaddafi's football-mad playboy son goes on trial: 'Violent and depraved coke fiend' faces death sentence over father's brutal regime

Saadi Gaddafi was spoilt rotten by his tyrant father, using his influence to give him everything he ever wanted. But, as Saadi faces trial his father is no longer there to intervene
Saadi Gaddafi was spoilt rotten by his tyrant father, using his influence to give him everything he ever wanted. But, as Saadi faces trial his father is no longer there to intervene. The country is still racked by violence and the rebel fighters now in government are bent on revenge. They will almost certainly press for the death sentence for Saadi and his brother Saif. With the dictator and three of his other sons already dead, they remain determined to wipe the Gaddafi bloodline from the face of the earth

A tragic warning for every parent: Father tells of beautiful, talented daughter, 15, who couldn't live with 21st-century pressures of Facebook and social media

Olivia Glennie
Olivia Glennie was a talented and popular dancer and singer with a close circle of friends. But she was plagued with worries about an on-off relationship with her boyfriend, it was said. The outwardly happy 15-year-old was found hanged from a tree in woods by a dog walker in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in September last year, just days after attending her sister Lucy's wedding.

Doctors threatened parents with having their 15-month-old daughter taken away because they could not explain burns - which she suffered at NURSERY

Connie and Terry Brooker rushed their 15-month-old daughter Freya to Gloucester Royal Hospital after they picked her up from nursery and found she had severe burns on her fingers that staff couldn’t explain. But when the couple told doctors they didn’t know how Freya had been injured, medics refused to let her go home with them. It was only when social services stepped in and Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day Nursery in Quedgeley, Gloucester, admitted liability for Freya’s injuries that the couple were allowed to take their daughter home.

Nature at war: How helmets, grenades and guns discarded during WWII have become enmeshed with tree trunks in Russia

A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods.
A remarkable series of photos taken in a Russian forest have been making the rounds on social media sites, showing what happens over time to instruments of carnage discarded in the woods. The striking images depict, among other items, a grenade lodged in a tree (left), a Mannlicher Carcano rifle (top right), and Soviet Army helmets with trees growing through them (bottom right).

Surfer treats his own eye problem using the force of a giant WAVE to tear off the outer layers of its surface... and amazingly it worked

A man suffering from a condition known as 'surfer's eye' decided to get rid of excess tissue on the outer layer of his eye by dipping his head in the ocean while surfing a 30-foot wave off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
A Hawaiian surfer has found a new purpose for crashing waves: fixing his eye problem. The 61-year-old man, while riding a 30-foot wave, stuck his face in the rushing water, removing tissue that had formed over the outer layer of his eye.

'I eat 51 bananas a day!' Self-proclaimed 'diet guru' claims her toned physique is down to the MOUNTAINS of fruit she eats

Banana girl
Known as Freelee the Banana Girl she advocates a rather extreme, low processed, low-fat, high-carb raw vegan diet. Eating between 2000 and 5000 calories a day, the Australian remains 'raw until four', meaning she eats no cooked or heated food whatsoever until 4pm, usually eating meals consisting of a huge amount of a single fruit

Pictured: Republican dissident appears in court accused of murdering 29 people in 1998 Omagh bomb

Seamus Daly allegedly carried out the attack for the Real IRA in the Northern Irish border town on August 15 1998. The explosion claimed the lives of 29 victims, including a woman pregnant with twins, and maimed and injured hundreds more. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for the atrocity, although Daly has already been found liable for in a landmark civil case where four republicans were told to pay £1.6million to victims' families.

'Reeva was standing behind the toilet door talking to you when you shot her': Prosecutor accuses Oscar Pistorius of deliberately shooting girlfriend in dramatic end to week of absorbing testimony

Oscar Pistorius said he was never a victim of crime on the estate where he lived, except for when police 'stole his watches'
Oscar Pistorius has resumed testifying at the trial under cross-examination from the chief prosecutor, who has accused the athlete of lying about how he shot his model girlfriend. Pistorius' return to the witness box today followed a week of testimony in which the double-amputee runner said he killed Steenkamp by accident after mistaking her for an intruder in his home last year.

'Daddy, you were taken too soon from us. We will always love you': Heartbreaking tribute to British millionaire shot dead in Spain as it emerges his Slovakian ex-girlfriend is PREGNANT

'Daddy, you were taken too soon from us. We will always love you': Heartbreaking tribute to British millionaire shot dead in Spain as it emerges his Slovakian ex-girlfriend was PREGNANT
Kukucova (inset), who is accused of killing millionaire Mr Bush (pictured with Kukucova) last weekend at his Spanish villa, appeared in court for the first time on Thursday. Kukucova, 24, was escorted by police officers to the region Court in Trencin, Slovakia, where she is being held after being arrested on Tuesday afternoon. Mr Bush's ex wife Samantha Mason (far left), 45, and her sister Rachel, along with daughter Ellie Mason (white top), comforted each other outside the villa when they visited on Thursday.

'I'm in a living nightmare': Devastated mother of 'Australian Maddie' pleads for help in finding her missing three-year-old

Chloe, who has been dubbed Australia's Madeleine McCann, was found to be missing on Thursday morning when her parents went to check on her in the front room of their home in Childers, Queensland, after she had been left sleeping there with her two older siblings. A window was discovered to have been pushed up - one of the only substantial leads police have so far. No suspects have yet been named.

Captain Kate rules the waves: Duchess is crowned queen of the ocean after beating William in New Zealand yacht race

The Duchess of Cambridge ruled the waves today after she thrashed her husband in a yacht race around Auckland harbour.Standing at the wheel of an 80ft America's Cup sailing vessel, Kate even gave William a cheeky victory salute as she sailed past him back to harbour.

Fraudster scammed taxman out of more than £1million to build mansion the size of Buckingham Palace in Pakistan

Mohammed Suleman Khan, 42, lived a life of luxury at the expense of the UK taxpayer as he dodged paying tax and national insurance for nine years
Mohammed Suleman Khan, 42, lived a life of luxury at the expense of the UK taxpayer as he dodged paying tax and national insurance for nine years. After police uncovered his lavish plans in for a £2.5million mansion in Pakistan, he was taken to court and has now been jailed for four years for cheating the revenue. Police are now trying to claw back some of the cash.

Boy Scout who was teased because he couldn't light a fire tried to prove he could - but ended up in hospital with severe burns (and ruined his dad's shed)

shed fire boy
After Edward Hawkins, 14, centre, from Wainscott, Kent, was mocked on a Scout trip, he decided to make a huge bonfire in his parents' garden. When his mother took his brother to school, he doused it with petrol and struck a match. Within seconds, the out-of-control fire, right, spread to his father's pride and joy: a home-made shed containing £10,000 of tools. The shed was left a charred wreck, top right, while Edward suffered such bad burns he needed hospital treatment, left.

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