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Thai truck driver who knocked down and killed British couple on 23rd country of their round-the-world cycling trip escapes with £18 fine

The couple were keeping a blog called, 'Two on Four Wheels' on describing their experiences on their round the world trip
Peter Root, top right, and Mary Thompson, bottom right, both 34, were killed when they were run over by Vorawong Sangkawat while riding their bicycles on a road 70 miles east of Bangkok. The truck driver was given the fine and a two year suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to an offence of causing death by negligence.

Worrying heights: 2000ft Lake District high wire which joins two mountain peaks with 350ft cable is double height of the Shard

Popular: Via ferrata is popular among many thrill seekers because it does not require a huge amount of training, and enables climbers to reach elevated peaks they might otherwise not be able to
The bridge, dubbed the the Lake District Skywalking Burma Bridge, links two peaks of Fleetwith Pike as part of the Honister Slate Mine's Via Ferrata route in Cumbria. The bridge, thought to be the longest in Europe, took a team of 15 to 20 workers three months to complete and is so long it is not always possible to see the other side in cloudy weather.

Dancing on ice: Polar bear pals bring ballroom to the tundra

Takes two to tango: Two polar bears took centre stage as they appeared to be waltzing on the frozen wilderness
It is not easy to pull off a waltz with graze, or a tango with passion, but as far as dancing goes, these two polar bears are not doing it half-bad. The polar pals showed off their moves as they turned the icy plains into a ballroom. They were snapped near Churchill, Canada, an area so famous for the large number of bears it is called the Polar Bear Capital of the World.

Civilians caught in the crossfire and at least 50 pro-Russian rebels are killed at Donetsk airport as Putin demands immediate halt to Ukraine offensive

Killed: The fighting was not limited to Donetsk airport. In the eastern city of Slovyansk, 60-year-old Olga Prokhorenko lay dead by the roadside (pictured) after being hit by shrapnel. She was attended to by medics
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A rebel fighter said the bodies were taken to hospital in Donetsk, Ukraine, following heavy fighting in the city, in which government forces used combat jets against pro-Russia insurgents. Violence erupted on Monday when rebels moved to seize the city airport and were repelled by government forces. Shooting continued through the night and by mid-morning machine gun fire could be heard on one of the main roads leading to the airport.

They never surrendered: How Winston Churchill lost five close family members who were killed during the First World War

Winston Churchill (pictured left in 1910) lost four close members of his family during the first few months of the 1914-1918 conflict, and a fifth near the end. Three more cousins were badly wounded during the war, in which he served as First Lord of the Admiralty before resigning after the Gallipoli campaign. Mr Churchill's maternal cousin, Captain Norman Leslie (top right), was the first family member killed on October 19, 1914. His uncle, Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Wilson (centre right), was shot in the head while leading his troops at Zillebeke near Ypres on November 6, 1914. And his cousin, Captain Coulson Fellowes (bottom right), died in October 1915 of the effects of exposure, ten months after being injured in the trenches.

'Now I'll stop Scotland splitting from the UK,' vows Farage as he says he will take on Alex Salmond over independence after Euro election triumph

 The UKIP leader wants to open a new front in the campaign against the SNP after winning his first seat north of the Border. Mr Farage's party scooped more than 140,000 votes in the European elections in Scotland. He is now planning repeat visits in the run-up to September's referendum. Mr Farage told the Mail: 'With the election of David Coburn as the first UKIP MEP [in Scotland], we have not just put a fox into Westminster's henhouse, we have put a pine marten into the Holyrood one.' Mr Farage said UKIP was now the only truly national party in Britain

What it's like to live with the teen who's so selfie-obsessed he's rearranged his bedroom so that the first thing he sees every morning is HIMSELF

'it hasn't been easy for Kurt' Maureen Coleman says her son has been taunted online because of his overtly confident ways
When 17-year-old Kurt Coleman, from the Gold Coast, walks past his own reflection he stops in awe to look at the teenager staring back at him. Now, his mother Maureen (centre), has spoken about what it's like to live with her son, who is making a name for himself as a social media-made celebrity who sees himself in the same vein as Paris Hilton. Maureen came home one day to find Kurt rearranging his room so that when he wakes up the first thing he sees is himself.

How British-born 'virgin killer' planned to murder his stepmother and six-year-old brother who was already an actor and who he feared would grow up to be more popular than him with girls

Elliot Rodger describes in the document how he would kill the little boy the morning before the 'Day of Retribution' while his father was away on a business trip. 'It will be a hard thing to do, because I had really bonded with my little brother in the last year, and he respected and looked up to me,' Elliot Rodger wrote. 'But I would have to do it. If I can't live a pleasurable life, then neither will he! I will not let him put my legacy to shame.' He also planned to kill his step-mother Soumaya because she'd be in the way. Neither were targeted in the end, though it's not clear if this was an accident or if Rodger changed his mind.

Self-styled cycling superhero or London motorists' public enemy number one? Vigilante biker names and shames errant drivers using SEVEN video cameras mounted on his helmet and bike

In his guise as Traffic Droid, Lewis Dediare patrols the streets of London on the look out for road violations, and showing risk-taking motorists a 'red card' In his guise as Traffic Droid, Lewis Dediare is the scourge of bad drivers, patrolling the streets of London on the look out for road violations, and showing risk-taking motorists a 'red card'. The 39-year-old then uploads footage from his video cameras onto his YouTube channel and Twitter, and often provides police with evidence for driving

Coroner demands investigation in to Call of Duty video game after four teenagers who regularly played it went on to kill themselves

South Manchester coroner John Pollard has said it 'concerned him greatly' the Certificate 18 war game featured in several recent hearings he had presided over. In the latest hearing brilliant schoolboy Willam Menzies, 16, left, who was 'always' playing the game, inexplicably suffocated himself to death in his bedroom. In February 2012 Callum Green, 14, right, hanged himself after playing Call of Duty with his stepfather. At William's inquest, his family wept as Mr Pollard recorded a suicide verdict and said: 'I have to say, and this is after three or four inquests into the deaths of teens, the Call of Duty game seems to be figuring in recent activity before death. It concerns me greatly'.

'You f*****g liar, silly little girl': What estate agent told bar worker, 25, when she missed flat viewing because her car had exploded

Estate agent
Ashlie Hamlyn (right) was sent the abusive messages by Clarendon Estates owner Steve Charlton after she missed an appointment when her Volkswagen Polo burst into flames (centre) while she was driving. After Miss Hamlyn, of Braunstone, Leicestershire, offered this explanation, the estate agent was initially sympathetic - but minutes later he sent a text calling her a 'f***ing liar' (left).

EXCLUSIVE: Britain pays child benefit worth £30million to families across the EU - and Cameron admits it's 'impossible' to stop

The Prime Minister is powerless to stop migrant workers sending child benefit back to their families in Europe. But in the wake of the UKIP triumph in the European and local elections, he faces growing pressure from Tory MPs to act to stop the abuse - with calls for a bar on claiming welfare for up to five years after arriving in Britain. New figures show that last year the British taxpayer paid child benefit to 20,400 families, covering 34,268 children. Child benefit is paid at £20.30 a week for the first child and £13.40 for every other child, regardless of parental income. It means the total bill for children living overseas is up to £30million-a-year. There has been a slight fall since 2012, when an extra 3,682 families claimed child benefit abroad.

Oxfam-meets-Ikea at Britain's poshest CHARITY shop: Store selling quality second-hand furniture even has its own coffee shop

Daisy Chain charity superstore
The Daisy Chain in Stockton-on-Tees, opened yesterday and says it is unlike all other charity shops in the area. The store is on a plush split level, selling quality furniture and even has a coffee shop. Proceeds from the store will go towards the Daisy Chain, a charity, which supports children with autism and their families.

The city designed for AUTISM: Planner designs urban hub to make transport, jobs and public spaces more inclusive for her brother

Inclusive-ville: The most important feature for an inclusive city is the connection of autism-related services. Ms Decker said they should be linked by a 'corridor' (pictured) with good public transport to link green areas, housing and civic facilities and that such a corridor could be threaded through existing cities
A planner from Kansas State University developed a toolkit to improve the accessibility in cities such as Nashville by connecting essential services for autistic people. Her idea centres on an inclusive approach to urban planning by knitting together public transportation and services with green areas, markers and housing. She started the project to better understand the challenges her autistic brother Marc faces, and will face, as be becomes an adult.

A filter to go, please! World’s first DISPOSABLE 'coffee machine' lets you brew a cup while on the move

Created by Ulrik Rasmussen 46 from Denmark, the £1.50 ($1.70) Grower's Cup system mixes hot water with ground coffee before dripping it through a special filter. Each Grower’s Cup pouch costs between £1 - £1.50 ($1.70 - $2.50) and they come in 12 different varieties using coffee beans from single estates. A bag contains 0.6 ounces (18 grams) of ground coffee which makes two cups when 300ml of boiling water is added.

The magnetism of the Milky Way revealed: Astronomers create amazing image showing the magnetic fingerprint of our galaxy

The Galaxy's magnetic field is revealed in a new image from ESA;s Planck satellite. This image was compiled from the first all-sky observations of polarised light emitted by interstellar dust in the Milky Way, and was obtained using detectors on Planck that act like polarised sunglasses.
Taken by ESA’s Planck satellite, the image is compiled from the first all-sky observations of ‘polarised’ light emitted by interstellar dust in the Milky Way. The astronomical equivalent of looking through polarised sunglasses, it shows swirls, loops and arches that trace the structure of the magnetic field in our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

The world-famous Hollywood landmarks that could be wiped out by an earthquake: New map shows iconic locations built over faults

The new Hollywood fault line: The buildings now affected by the zone (shown in green) include landmarks such as the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood, the Mondrian, Chateau Marmont and Standard hotels in West Hollywood, elementary and high schools and the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center
The new maps, the first issued by the California Geological Survey in almost 20 years, reveal a new path for a major fault line in the area. Hotels, schools and even a church are now right on the fault line it reveals - with much of the area's Sunset Strip at risk.

Now YOU can enjoy an astronaut's view of Earth! Nasa launches a real-time video of our planet from the ISS that streams 24/7

Nasa has installed four external cameras on the ISS (left). They are part of the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment (bottom right). This allows members of the public to watch a real-time feed of Earth (top right). The view switches between the cameras to 'track' locations below. Live footage will continue to be streamed until October 2015
Nasa has installed four external cameras on the ISS (left). They are part of the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment (bottom right). This allows members of the public to watch a real-time feed of Earth (top right). The view switches between the cameras to 'track' locations below. Live footage will continue to be streamed until October 2015.

We have lift-off: First look at the ‘multicopter’, the Army’s new unmanned flying truck in action

Flying Truck Preview
Black Knight Transformer, a remote-controlled machine with eight rotors, drives like a normal truck - but takes off and lands like a helicopter. The machine, which has been designed by Advanced Tactics for the U.S military, has now been seen in action for the first time, after the company released a video showing the transformer flying through the desert.

Desperate mother leaps into Chinese river wearing a wedding dress to ‘marry’ water god because she believes it has taken her missing son and wants to appease it

Firefighters lift distraught Ms Yun from the boat
Yun Teng, 30, plunged into the river in Suzhou city in eastern China's Anhui province after her son went missing near its banks. Police said she had been 'driven to the brink of madness' by her loss. There were no leads as to the missing boy's whereabouts and no body has been found, but the woman was convinced he had been claimed by the river. 'It is all very sad,' said a police spokesman. 'She convinced herself that she had angered a river god and that he would only be appeased if she offered herself as his bride, so he would free her son and return him to the world.'

Nine foot tall grizzly shot by Alaskan hunter is the largest bear EVER killed

'We knew it was big': Alaska hunter Larry Fitzgerald was looking for moose near Fairbanks last September when he saw what turned out to be the largest grizzly bear after killed by a hunter once he finally bagged it after tracking the beast for three hours
An Alaska hunter killed a nearly 9-foot-tall grizzly bear last year that was officially named on Friday the largest ever bagged. Larry Fitzgerald, 35, was out hunting with friends near Fairbanks when they spotted the behemoth and tracked it for three hours before Fitzgerald took it down with a single shot to the neck from 20 yards. 'We knew it was big,' he said. 'It was a rush.'

Fire-nado!: Bizarre flame-funnel pictured in Missouri is the 'coolest/scariest thing ever'

Janae Copelin was driving with her daughter and friend when she saw this amazing fire whirl in Chillicothe, Missouri
Janae Copelin was driving through Chillicothe when she spotted the quick-spinning whirl of fire shooting into the sky. The stunned photographer posted the image on Instagram, telling followers it was the 'coolest/scariest' thing she had ever seen. Fire whirls, sometimes known as a 'fire devil', can be formed when intense heat and strong winds combine, creating a tornado-like column which whips up debris and other gases.

Turning the red planet GREEN: Nasa plans to create a greenhouse garden on Mars by 2021

The mission, known as the Mars Plant Experiment, aims to create a Martian greenhouse which, if successful, could pave the way for humans living on the planet, while living off larger greenhouses (bottom right). The MPX mission would use a CubeSat box attached to the outer body of the 2020 rover. This box would hold Earth air and about 200 seeds of Arabidopsis (bottom left), a small flowering plant that is widely used as a model organism in plant biology. The main images show the expected stages of plant growth on Mars.

The world's tallest bride: 6ft 8in Brazilian teenager to marry her 5ft 4in boyfriend

Tallest teen bride
Elisany da Cruz Silva, from Brazil, who is a staggering 6ft 8ins tall, has been dating 5ft 4ins Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho for more than three years. Despite a massive 1ft 4ins between them, Francinaldo had no problem increasing the distance by dropping to one knee after a romantic stroll along the beach.

Not a bad return! Seaside bungalow bought for just £1,000 a century ago is now a luxury retreat worth £5million (that's a 500,000% increase in value)

The bungalow (inset) was bought new in the 1920s on Dorset's Sandbanks, where its low price - £40,000 in today's money - was because many feared the surface was too unstable to live on. But since then the peninsula in Poole Harbour has become the fourth most expensive property hotspot in the world and the buyer's great-grandson, Tim Baldwin, turned home into luxury beachfront retreat (main photo) in 2011 in demolition work costing £580,000. Featuring a modern open-plan design (top and bottom right), it is now rented out to holidaymakers for as much as £4,100 a week. He said: 'I'm really looking forward to taking my daughter for holidays so she can do the same things I did as a child'.

'I got Nando's logo tattooed on my bum and they won't even give me a discount on my chicken': Piri Piri-mad teenager dismayed as fast food chain spurn his request for a discount

Bradley Holman, 19, (left) from Lower Kingswood, Surrey, had the cockerel mascot Barcelos permanently etched on his right cheek (inset) as a sign of his love for the restaurant. But when Mr Holman, who had the tattoo during a trip to Malia, Crete, contacted the chain his request for free chicken was rejected by e-mail (right). He said: 'I'm really angry about it. Surely I'm due something for my commitment to Nando's. I just wanted a small token so I was gutted when they gave me nothing.'

Meet the retired builder, 70, who spends hundreds of pounds every month on Gucci and Vivienne Westwood clothes

Allan wearing one of his favourite outfits. Fashionista Allan Bradbury from Bolton, Greater Manchester still likes to dress to impress and wears the latest styles and designer gear even though he is nearly 71. His funky dress sense has caught the eye of one the countryís most exclusive fashion houses, Vivienne Westwood, which invited him to a tea party at the Manchester store when the new seasonís collection was due to be unveiled. Allan has always been a follower of fashion but since he discovered Vivienne Westwood 5 years ago he hasnít loked back and often gets admirers stopping him in the street.
Grandfather Allan Bradbury, 70, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, needs two wardrobes to house his giant collection of flamboyant designer gear. The former construction worker driller may have his bus pass and is entitled to 20 per cent discounts in DIY stores and garden centres - but he spends up to £160 a month on Gucci and Vivienne Westwood designs including oversized shirts and funky pirate boots.

'I wish we'd killed more!': U.S. white supremacist couple kiss and grin as they're sentenced to life for killing sex offender and his wife

Jeremy Lee Moody and Christine Moody smiled and kissed as they were sentenced to two life terms each for the July 2013 killing of a registered sex offender and his wife in Union County, South Carolina.
Jeremy Lee Moody and Christine Moody smiled and kissed as they were sentenced to two life terms each for the July 2013 killing of a registered sex offender and his wife in Union County, South Carolina. The Moodys, who are self-proclaimed white supremacists killed Marvin Parker and his wife Gretchen and admitted that Marvin was targeted because of his sex offender status. They said that Gretchen was 'a casualty of war' and reportedly had another sex offender target on their list before being caught by authorities.

Disgraced former Co-op Bank boss Paul Flowers gets off with paltry £400 fine after pleading guilty to possessing cocaine and crystal meth

He arrived at Leeds Magistrates' Court this morning with three minders. The minister, dubbed the Crystal Methodist, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of class A drugs - cocaine and methamphetamine - and one count of possession of class C drug ketamine
The minister, dubbed the Crystal Methodist, (seen centre arriving at Leeds Magistrates' Court with three minders) pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of class A drugs - cocaine and methamphetamine - and one count of possession of class C drug ketamine. He was fined £400 and ordered to pay £125 costs. In November The Mail on Sunday exposed Flowers, 63, as a recreational drug user and he was suspended by the Methodist Church and the Labour Party. He had stepped down as the Co-op Bank's chairman six months earlier over concerns about expenses.

'Times are hard but you don’t have to fork out to eat well': Frugal foodie knocks 90% off her bills - now her guide to gourmet meals for pennies has become internet hit

kate frugal foodie
Kate Barrett, 36, from Northampton, cooks up cut-price cuisine with meat and fish from the reduced aisles at top-end stores. She ignores sell-by dates and eats food weeks after it is supposedly out of date. Kate creates such gourmet dishes as roast chicken with garlic, ginger, chilli, lime and coriander (top, middle) for under £4, and lemon and garlic samphire with fishcake and poached egg (bottom, middle) for just £1.20 for two portions.

Notorious gangster brings Manchester city centre to standstill as he scales giant Ferris wheel in six-hour protest against plans to send him back to jail

Notorious gangster Domenyk Noonan
Domenyk Noonan, 49 (left and centre) clambered onto the axis of the 197ft wheel (right) as more than 1,000 people gathered to watch in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens. His stunt and the response by paramedics and firefighters wreaked havoc, delaying rush-hour trams and buses, until he was eventually handed a hard hat and harness by the authorities and rescued. Police - who arrested him on suspicion of aggravated trespass - said the stunt could cost taxpayers £30,000, while tourists including a three-year-old boy had to be rescued after being stranded on the wheel for two hours. Noonan's family once appeared on their own reality TV show and his long prison record includes a nine-and-a-half year sentence for carrying a revolver under the bonnet of his Jaguar.

'Doctors told me I was too young to have bowel cancer - they were wrong': Woman is diagnosed with the disease at 25 after months of being told she had 'piles'

bowel cancer
EXCLUSIVE: Gemma Wood (pictured, right, with her best friend, Beth), now 28, from Rutland, was eventually diagnosed with the disease nine months after she first noticed symptoms. She had been bleeding when she went to the toilet, had lost weight and was experiencing stomach pains. But on three occasions over six months, the doctor told her she was too young to have the disease. Due to the delay in diagnosis, she has been left infertile and must have a stoma to collect waste. She said: ‘I am angry that it took so long for me to get the diagnosis. I knew I had cancer and no one believed me.'

The 'Skull Cracker' is ARRESTED: Police capture runaway robber who fled while on day-release hours after armed raid on building society

Michael Wheatley
Michael Wheatley, 55, was released on a temporary licence from HMP Standford Hill open prison on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, on Saturday and is thought to have boarded a train to London. He was spotted on Monday in Twickenham, south-west London - and today robbed the Chelsea Building Society (inset) in nearby Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex.

Xavi, Iniesta, Muller, Kroos and that Ajax team of '95: Why United's future is in safe hands with Van Gaal... and that's good news for kids like Wilson hoping to become the next batch of champions

Van Gaal
Louis van Gaal has the responsibility to ensure the Class of '14 - including last night's hero James Wilson (pictured bottom right) - become legends of Old Trafford. And the Dutchman has a fine record on blooding stars of the future.

Reality bites: Katie Price's life turns into another car-crash as - days after announcing pregnancy - she reveals she's divorcing third husband because 'of seven-month affair with her best friend'

The 35-year-old star, who is six months pregnant with their second child together, took to Twitter to reveal the news after allegedly finding out that part-time stripper Kieran (pictured left with Katie), her third husband, and her married friend Jane Pountney have been having an affair for seven months. Pictured centre is Jane (circled left) and her husband Derrick (right) with Katie and Kieran (circled) on their wedding day. In a series of angry tweets (right), Katie wrote today: 'Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months (sic)'

It was supposed to be a film about the evils of social media that told viewers to shut down their digital devices. Now, in the irony of ironies, British artist's video has gone viral!

The video features a spoken word poem written and performed by artist Gary Turk
The video features a spoken word poem written and performed by artist Gary Turk. The heart of the video follows a boy who meets a girl after asking for directions. That small interactions turns into so much more when they become a couple, get married, have children and spend the rest of their lives together. But in a surprise twist, the interaction never happened. The scene plays out again, but this time the boy was too busy looking at his phone to notice her.

Tears of an ice lady: Michelle Obama comforts the usually steely Briton - Vogue editor Anna Wintour - as New York's Metropolitan Museum opens costume centre in her name

Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama, one of the most fashion-conscious First Ladies in decades, joined a who's who of top designers and fashion industry insiders this morning to cut the ribbon at the Metropolitan Museum's new costume center. Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Zac Posen and Sarah Jessica Parker were just some of the fashion luminaries that gathered for the event, where Mrs Obama cut the ribbon for the new $40million Anna Wintour Costume Center.

Pregnant woman mugged for packet of CIGARETTES lost her baby after female attackers kicked her in the stomach

Lynsey McConnell
Lynsey McConnell, 24, was nine weeks pregnant when she was attacked by two women who beat her so savagely she suffered a miscarriage. She was confronted in Kirkcaldy, Fife, by Cheryl Henderson, 27, and Kelly Vanbeck, 29, who demanded she hand over cigarettes. But the pair kicked her in the stomach after she said she did not smoke and tried to flee. A passing cyclist helped Miss McConnell (pictured with her fiancé Ally Grubb) escape but she was left devastated when doctors told her she had lost her baby in the assault.

Heartbroken US father claims his married daughter, 32, was 'driven to suicide' by a 'death dance cult leader' who made her his 'sex slave and plied her with mind-bending drugs'

katsura kan for keith poole, sharon stern
Sharon Stern, 32, of Hollywood, Florida, was drawn into butoh, a Japanese style of contemporary dance also called the 'dance of darkness' which explores the taboo themes of pedophilia, homosexuality and death. Instead, the married yoga teacher (as a child, top right) lost her sanity, divorced her software engineer husband, Todd (pictured on their wedding day, bottom right) and committed suicide, allegedly driven to despair by her butoh master, Katsura Kan (left), he devastated family have claimed in a lawsuit.

She's got a tatt or two! Heavily inked models bare all in new book that celebrates female body art

Incredible portraits of some of the world's most heavily tattooed women
A new book by Hungarian journalist Akos Bánfalvi features mesmerizing images alongside interviews of top tattoo models the world over. One model reveals a dragon breathing fire from her armpit whilst another showcases beautiful butterflies on nestled in the nape of her neck.

'They went down like nine pins one after the other, it was hell': Parent tells of horrific conditions on flight where SIXTY children from Welsh choir fell ill on Emirates super-airbus from Dubai

A parent of one of the sixty children struck down with a gastric bug on the return leg of a trip from their choir's trip to South Africa said the youngsters 'went down like nine pins'. The group from the Only Kids Aloud Chorus from Cardiff, Wales were on their way home from Cape Town after performing with opera singer Bryn Terfer (inset) when they boarded Airbus A380 super jumbo in Dubai. Soon after taking off on the seven-hour long flight, the first of the children started falling ill. The aircraft, equipped with 17 toilets, was greeted in Heathrow by a fleet of ambulances to treat the stricken youngsters.

'I'm Britain's vainest man and proud of it!' Meet the personal trainer who spends £10,000 a year on his looks and claims he's more handsome than Brad Pitt

Ideal: Thanks to his perfect looks, Mr Dunford says he will never need to have plastic surgery
Matt Dunford, 29, from London also moonlights as a stripper and says his good looks means he's never short of offers - although he is currently single. He also complains of having to fend off hordes of women whenever he goes out and was once hit over the head with a carjack by a man who was jealous of his good looks.

We'll miss you, Bally: Andy Murray bows his head in remembrance as he leads tributes at Madrid Open to British tennis number 1 Elena Baltacha who died on Sunday aged 30

Solemn: Andy Murray and brother Jamie Murray attend a minute's silence for Elena Baltacha
The Wimbledon champion, accompanied by brother Jamie, looked sombre and was clearly moved as a minute's silence was observed at the Madrid Open. A total of 40 players and officials paid their respects, with Murray said to be too upset to say anything in public. He and his brother had known Baltacha (right and inset) since childhood, while their mother Judy had been a mentor.


World's greatest: The best players in the history of the World Cup
This week marks 100 days until the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. To celebrate the milestone, Sportsmail has been counting down the 100 greatest stars in the tournament's history and here we will reveal our No 1.

England stars face drug tests in Brazil as FIFA bid to crack down on doping

Crack down: Wayne Rooney and his England team-mates face fresh doping methods in Brazil
England players will be among the first elite athletes to undergo new doping test regimes that scientists hope will cut out the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Ronaldo to get FOUR bodyguards, France ban soap and Japan players get hot tubs

Bizarre requests at World Cup 2014
WORLD CUP HOTEL REQUESTS REVEALED: Brazilian newspaper Lance have uncovered how some teams want the perfect surroundings for their star men.

Owen, Schweinsteiger and Pele are proof that England's young guns can run riot

Michael Owen, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Pele: These World Cup heroes are proof that young guns can run riot
Ross Barkley and Co would not be the first young stars to shine at a World Cup. Just ask Pele... Sportsmail looks back on the youngsters who have shone at past tournaments.

Football fan killed in Brazil after having a toilet bowl thrown at him in clashes

Unrest: Brazilian special police forces respond to violent protests in Rio de Janeiro last week
A fan was killed in clashes outside a football stadium in Brazil late on Friday night when he was hit by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands, according to local media.

MARTIN ALLEN: Fergie tried to show Rooney the door last year... he's past his best and should be dropped for the kids

Would you drop Rooney for the kids?
We've got no chance of winning the World Cup. Since I was a boy, every World Cup has come along, and apart from the team which Bobby Robson put together, we've never got close.

Daddy Daycare at its worst: Hilarious prank photos from sleep-deprived first-time parent make 'World's Best Father' a sensation

Worlds Best Dad Preview
What started as a goofy one-off photo by an exhausted and self-confessed 'clueless' first-time parent has transformed into something of a full-time job for Maryland dad Dave Engledow, who is better known now as 'The World's Best Father' for the photos that show him being anything but. The first shot in the 43-year-old's goofy scrapbook was taken three years as a joke when his daughter, Alice Bee, was six weeks old. The popularity of the pictures was so overwhelming Engledow released a calender and has just finished a coffee table book filled with all the hilarious photos he has snapped with his little girl.

Khan dazzled against Collazo... but big showdown with Mayweather may have to wait until after Maidana rematch

Take a bow: Amir Khan won his welterweight debut against Luis Collazo in Las Vegas
No sooner had Amir Khan boxed his brilliant way into pole position to fight Floyd Mayweather than the clamour for a re-match between the Money man and Marcos Maidana rose up to threaten that prospect. Khan staked his claim to the key to the Mayweather treasure chest with the dazzling welterweight debut in which he crushed Luis Collazo.

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