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'I'm drinking and smoking because my unborn baby is a BOY': Pregnant model who had boob job on the NHS says she would have had an abortion if she'd known it wasn't a girl

Working 9 to 5: Hundreds of volunteers sift through mountains of rubbish and recycling at Glastonbury as crowds prepare for a final-day show from Dolly Parton show to banish memories of mud

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Life inside my crippled body, by web millionaire Martha Lane Fox who shattered dozens of bones in 2005 car smash

'I disown my sons.

Your bill to refurbish Kate's palace is now £4MILLION: New kitchen, nursery and several bathrooms quadruples the cost in a year

These guys are DEFINITELY missing their stop! Photos of Japanese 'salarymen' in various drunken poses on the train after having one too many at the work party

The 550mph Batmobile that flies! California designers reveal matt black flying car powered by a jet engine

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Huge 12 billion-year-old explosion in space has been spotted from Earth - and it could reveal secrets of the early universe

Jack the Ripper 'lived on Flower and Dean Street, and may have died in a mental asylum': Expert uses algorithm to reveal details about London's notorious killer

Don't look down! World's tallest tower will feature an elevator that travels at 32 feet a SECOND when it opens in 2018

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Woman charged with raping three boys aged between just seven and 10-years-old after her boyfriend came home early to find her naked with ALL of them

Time for an upgrade! Oregon man who lives in a Boeing 727 plans to upgrade to a 747 for his SECOND home made from an aircraft

Wife chased her husband out of a restaurant and shot him dead in the street before killing herself after arguing with him over dinner

Hold on to your hats! Thousands of fans gather at Belmont Stakes to watch California Chrome attempt to win the first Triple Crown in 36 YEARS

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Looks like you raised him well! Son surprises dad with '57 Chevy Bel-Air on his 57th birthday after promising to buy it for him as an eight-year-old

Hero student who tackled Seattle university shooter has his ENTIRE wedding gift list and honeymoon paid for by strangers

Sleeping truck driver who hit Tracy Morgan's limo to be charged over crash that left him critical and his long-time friend dead

Sotheby's host biggest ever sale of Banksy's work (including his famous piece about an auction called I Can't Believe You Morons Actually Buy This S***)

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Then and now: Unique set of photographs shows how D-Day locations have changed in 70 years

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Pranksters give unsuspecting filmgoers the shock of their lives as terrifying figure leaps out at them from a MIRROR

No shame: Ex-boyfriend who stabbed hairdresser to death in frenzied attack in front of colleagues shows his contempt as he is driven away to life in jail