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Just a week after Zendaya forced Los Angeles-based fashion magazine Modeliste to pull its November issue because it featured dramatically retouched photos of her body, the company has kept its word and fully restored the images to the original beauty. While Modeliste never intended to publish the manipulated images after profusely apologizing to Zendaya, the Photoshopped photos from the pulled issue have been anonymously provided to Daily Mail Online - and it is clear why the 19-year-old singer and actress said the unnecessary editing perpetuated 'unrealistic ideals of beauty'. A comparison of the unedited and retouched photos show that the already slender star's legs and torso were made to look significantly slimmer, while saturation of the images also appeared to have been changed, giving her skin a more tanned appearance. Scroll down for video Taking a stand: Zendaya forced LA-based fashion magazine Modeliste to pull its November issue late last month because it featured manipulated images of her body. In this image, they even removed her right hand Over-the-top editing: A comparison of the unedited and retouched photos show that the already slender 19-year-old star's legs, hips, and torso were made to look significantly slimmer In addition to the changes to her physical attributes, the gold ankle bracelet Zendaya wore during the shoot was removed from many of the images. And while over-the-top photo editing is far too common in the magazine industry, the teen star made it a point to speak out against the images as soon as she saw them. Zendaya, whose full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, took to Instagram last week to post a side-by-side image of the retouched and unedited versions of one photo from the shoot to make a statement about the impossible beauty standards inflicted on women. 'Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19 year old hips and torso quite manipulated,' she wrote. 'These are the things that make women self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have. Missing jewels: The star's gold bracelet was edited out of many of the images so her ankle would appear bare In agreement: After Zendaya spoke with Modeliste's editor-in-chief, Amy McCabe, the magazine vowed to restore the images to their natural beauty before publishing its latest issue�� 'Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self love. So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it.' In the photograph, she is seen posing against the gorgeous backdrop of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, her long locks cascading over her shoulder while she wears nothing but a short leather jacket tied up at the waist. With her hips and legs bare, it's easy to see the contrast between the original image and the slimmed-down one. Following Zendaya's very public upset at the resulting image, and the subsequent outcry from her fans, the editors of Modeliste, an independent print and digital fashion publication, ultimately chose to pull the images, and the magazine's editor-in-chief Amy McCabe wrote a letter to the star thanking her for 'raising a very important issue', before announcing that she and her team are working to restore the images before the magazine's release. Back to natural: The saturation of the image appeared to have been changed, giving Zendaya's skin a more tanned appearance No help needed: Zendaya's original images showcase her natural beauty and were already stunning before they were heavily edited 'In light of our not-yet-released November issue, with Modeliste’s Cover Girl, Zendaya and the swirling controversy in regards to any retouched images, I am compelled to publicly address this situation which was brought to my attention yesterday, personally by Zendaya,' she wrote. Amy continued: 'Upon review of the final edited images which had been submitted to us by an independent editing company, together, as a collaboration between myself, Zendaya and her parents, we concluded that the images had been retouched to an extent that was not acceptable and not true to the values and ideals we represent and promote in our publication. 'I, therefore, made the executive decision to immediately pull the issue in order to have this rectified and have the images restored to their original, natural state which will reflect the true beauty and radiance of Zendaya. Amy went on to say that Modeliste 'advocates positive body image, self love and the empowerment of women' and recalled speaking with Zendaya on the phone about the retouching and learning that she also noticed that her fine baby hairs were Photoshopped from her forehead. Not impressed: Zendaya took to Instagram on Tuesday to express her 'shock' over being heavily edited in the new issue of Modelist magazine, while sharing the original, natural photo (pictured) Not impressed: Zendaya took to Instagram on Tuesday to express her 'shock' over being heavily edited (pictured) in the new issue of Modelist magazine, while sharing the original, natural photo +4 +4 Not impressed: Zendaya took to Instagram last month to express her 'shock' over being heavily edited (left) in the upcoming issue of Modeliste magazine, while sharing the original, natural photo (right) First photo: Zendaya noted that these types of photo manipulation 'make women self-conscious'�� Making a statement: The teen star said she shared the unretouched image because she stands for 'honest and pure self love' 'As we had so many different hair styles throughout the shoot, this was something I hadn’t noticed; however, it was incredibly profound that this was something in particular in which she loves about herself, and what is a part of what makes her who she is,' Amy explained. 'What one person may see as a “flaw” is someone else’s “fabulousness”, she added. 'We are proud that Zendaya has taken this as an opportunity to address this situation, and create a very necessary honest and open dialogue. 'It is that open dialogue with Zendaya and her family and representatives that we have decided to present to you the most beautiful and untouched photos of our Cover shoot that are a result of this wonderful collaboration. 'It is our hope that these images and the truthful portrayal of these unedited images brings attention and awareness to this issue. It’s important that we learn to be uplifting not only to one another, but to ourselves. That we learn to embrace our differences, our unique gifts and those aspects and qualities that make us real and who we are.' Zendaya later returned to her original Instagram post to write: Thank you @modelistemagazine for pulling down the images and fixing this retouch issue.' Going au naturel: After Zendaya shared her Instagram post, Amy wrote the star a letter and announced all of the images would be returned to their unedited state for the November issue +4 Going au naturel: After Zendaya shared her Instagram post, Amy wrote the star a letter and announced all of the images would be returned to their unedited state for the November issue +4 Hitting back: In February this year, the outspoken teen hit back at Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic for joking that she 'smelled like weed' because she wore her hair in dreadlocks at the Academy Award And this isn't the first time Zendaya - who rose to fame on Disney Channel programme Shake It Up - has hit back over something concerning her image. In February this year, she slammed Giuliana Rancic after the Fashion Police host joked the singer might smell of weed, just because she had her hair in dreadlocks. The fashion critic said, of Zendaya's appearance at the Academy Awards: 'I feel like she smells smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed.' The teen, who was 18 at the time, reacted furiously on Twitter, accusing the E! anchor of being 'ignorant, disrespectful and outrageously offensive'. 'There is a fine line between what is funny and disrespectful,' she wrote. 'Someone said something about my hair at the Oscars that left me in awe. Not because I was relishing in rave outfit reviews, but because I was hit with ignorant slurs and pure disrespect. 'To say that an 18-year-old young woman with locs must smell of patchouli oil or “weed” is not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive. I don’t usually feel the need to respond to negative things but certain remarks cannot go unchecked.'

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