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 Tell us about yourself:
My name is Dickson Okezue

Why do you want to work as an Actor and a model?

DICKSON: Because I find comfort in acting and to impact knowledge into people through my acting skills. And I'm a lover of Fashion and I want to use myself as an icon to promote the fashion industry more so the Nigerian Fashion.

Why would you think you’re fit to be an Actor and a model?

DICKSON: It is not because I only have the talent , I have also undergone workshops and trainings to assist my aim, more so I have the body structure, posture, smile and attitude of a Model.

What are your goals as an Actor and a model? How do you see
yourself progress in this field?

 DICKSON: To stand out professionally and to establish institutions to assist other aspiring actors and models.

What do you know about the Acting and Modelling industry, advertising psychology and photography?

DICKSON: The Acting industry in Nigeria has been in existence for over three decades and has been evolving to meet international standards as for the modelling industry, although the Modelling industry is not as old as the Acting industry but over the years it is gradually gaining recognition and acceptance internationally and also by corporate bodies.

How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?

DICKSON: As a trained actor, firstly I am disciplined, more so I communicate with people with ease, I'm a good listener and also very friendly. My relation with clients remain highly professional and confidential following their stated requirements.

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you
exercise or go to the gym?

DICKSON: Yes, I maintain healthy eating habit. I have a personal gym at home and exercise is a daily routine and part of my lifestyle.

 Do you have any limitations? Would you Act any Role and model any kind of clothing at all?

DICKSON: I don't have any limitation. I observe the script and the professionalism of the production house before I pick any role been offered. Fashion does not have any limit and as a model I work strictly with the designers aim and not mine.
 State your availability: would you travel? Work full-time, part time? Any hours?

DICKSON: Acting and Modelling is my profession hence I dedicate my full time into it. I can travel but only for the stated duration of the project.


Dickson Dike Okezue was born on 27th April 1986 at Ohafia in Umuahia. He hails from Ekpiri Alala in Ikwuano Local Government Area Umuahia Abia State. He is the first child and first son from a
family of five, three boys and two girls and whose parent are both from Umuahia in Abia State. He lived in Umuahia where he did his nursery and primary education at St. Stevens Nursery school Niger road and
Ugba community primary school Ohafia road. When he was 12years old, Dickson moved to Lagos to continue his education with Iloro Grammar school and Sanngo Senior Secondary School
both in Agege Local Government Area of Lagos and obtained his O level certificate (GCE) in 2005 and preceded to Lagos State University in 2008 where he studied Accountancy. Having secured a certificate in the university, the passion for art still lingers. Presently he is a passionate Actor and a brilliant Model. Dickson is God fearing, an extrovert, down to
earth and loves good music.

His stay in two states namely Abia and Lagos gave him an opportunity to speak both languages, Igbo and Yoruba language fluently. Additional languages are the regular pidgin and English language.

Hobbies :Reading, Movies, Music, Football, Gym.

His career as an actor began in 2010 and overtime he has featured as an Actor in television series.

Dickson Okezue starred in the first Nigerian Telenovela series titled "Taste Of Love" by Micromedia Production where he plays the character of Jerry.
He also featured in the following Television series :

- Tinsel season 3 - 7
- Tales Of Eve season 5
- Bella's Place
- Bridges. Etc
In 2014, during the world cup period, he did an Advert for Guinness which was on billboards and Newspapers Nationwide.


My Inspiration comes from God almighty through great men who saw the talent in me and helped me discover it.


My aspiration is to impact knowledge to people through my Acting skills and as well become a recognizable Actor and a super Model across countries .

Stick a cork in it, Lewis! Ungallant F1 ace Hamilton under fire for spraying hostess in the face with champagne after winning Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton is creating a bit of a track record for himself  - and this one isn't on the starting grid. Celebrating his win at the Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday, he sprayed champagne straight into the face of one of the hostesses. But a leading group which campaigns against sexism has condemned Hamilton's 'selfish and inconsiderate' actions, saying he should be forced to apologise for 'specially directing' the bubbly into the woman's face. Others have called the driving ace an 'embarrassment to the UK', while another said his behaviour showed that he was an 'ignorant clown'. Roz Hardie, chief executive of Object, a campaign on media sexism and 'sex object culture', said it also highlighted the more general issue of women being viewed as sexual objects in the motoring world. It is not the first time the racing icon has whipped out his victory move. He celebrated in a similar fashion after winning Spanish Grand Prix last year. Hamilton controlled the contest in Shanghai to seal his second victory in three races and extend his lead at the summit of the Form
ula One world championship yesterday

A new right to buy revolution: 35 years after Maggie's visionary policy, Cameron pledges property dream will become reality for 1.3million more families

A massive extension of Margaret Thatcher's landmark right-to-buy housing policy will be announced by David Cameron today. The Prime Minister will pledge discounts of up to 70 per cent to allow all 1.3million families in housing association properties to buy their home, should the Conservatives win the General Election next month. The subsidy will be funded by forcing councils to sell off their most expensive properties when they become vacant


An Afghan interpreter who risked his life on the front line with British troops was shot with his two-year-old son by Taliban hitmen after he says he was ‘abandoned’ by the UK Government.
The 26-year-old, who was known as ‘Chris’ by UK soldiers, was hit in the leg when gunmen opened fire near his home in Khost, eastern Afghanistan.
His son Muhammad also sustained injuries in the attack, which Chris says was the latest in a series of attempts to kill or kidnap him because of his time spent helping the British Government – which now won’t let him come to the UK
During more than three years with UK forces, Chris worked with elite units including the SAS, Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment.
The father-of-two, who spent two months in hospital after the shooting, said he has taken evidence of threats to UK authorities on ten occasions – but has repeatedly been dismissed and told merely to take more security precautions.
He claims he has also narrowly escaped a kidnap attempt, and now has to hide in a network of hostels. He said: ‘I worked outside military bases with UK forces where I took huge personal risk on a daily basis – I served with distinction, placing myself in mortal danger to save my British colleagues
My family and I have experienced a serious threat to life as a consequence of working for the British, resulting – most recently – in me being shot on December 26 when the Taliban came to my village looking for me.
‘My son was hit too. This only happened because of my work with the British. The Government has totally forgotten its allies who helped them during the worst of times here. I have seen British soldiers die in front me and I have collected soldiers’ remains – now I think I am being abandoned.’
Chris – who worked for British forces between October 2008 and April 2011 – claims that UK commanders are aware that he was forced to stop working for the soldiers because of threats to his family made by the Taliban
But like the majority of frontline translators who want to build new lives in the UK, Chris does not qualify for an immigration scheme because of his dates of service. The scheme is only available to those with at least a year’s continuous service after December 2011.
So far just one of more than 300 Afghan interpreters who say they have been threatened by the Taliban because of their work with British soldiers has been given a UK visa.
Last night, as it emerged that a Taliban thug suspected of murder in Afghanistan has won the right to stay in Britain on human rights grounds, Rafi – who is leading the fight to help other interpreters stay in the UK – said: ‘Human rights? Do only criminals and those who have killed British soldiers and translators have human rights? Doors are opened to them but closed to us
‘It is disgusting the way we are being treated. We are not even being treated like human beings, my colleagues have to live in the shadows with their families looking over their shoulders constantly in fear of death whereas the Taliban are being allowed to stay with all the benefits from the British taxpayer. It is like we are the terrorists and they are the heroes.’
Rafi, who fears giving his full name, was blown up by the Taliban in a blast that killed a British officer. He is now involved in a court case next month challenging the UK’s position on translators.
 My colleagues have to live in the shadows constantly in fear of death whereas the Taliban are being allowed to stay with all the benefits from the British taxpayer
A judicial review brought by Rafi and one other Afghan interpreter is to challenge whether the Government complied with its statutory obligations towards hundreds of translators – and the attack on Chris and his son earlier this year will be highlighted.
Lawyers will point out that the shooting is just one of scores of occasions when interpreters have been targeted. At least 20 interpreters serving with British troops were killed in action and dozens wounded while serving with UK forces. Six were murdered by the Taliban while on leave and five are said to have been hunted down since UK forces left. They claim the threat of violent reprisals from the Taliban has grown since British forces withdrew from Afghanistan and that many are in hiding unable to work and having to move regularly to escape assassination units.
Two years ago The Mail interviewed 31 former translators in the Afghan capital Kabul who claimed to be in fear of their lives. Out of ten contacted last week, six said they had survived direct threats in recent months. One said : ‘Many families have been attacked, some relatives killed, others tortured and people loyal to the British military are living in hiding.’
UK officials deny that their translators have been ‘abandoned’, and stress that each case is individually examined and assessed by British officials in Afghanistan. Asked about Chris’s claims, the Ministry of Defence said it could not discuss individual cases.

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