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'Have you ever seen such gross disrespect?': Judge blasts 'spoiled' US cheerleader, 18, suing parents to support her after she ran away - who claims they were behind her bulimia and that her father showed her 'inappropriate affection'

 Rachel Canning turned up to Morris County Court, New Jersey, today dressed in her school uniform and pearls for the first hearing in her sensational case against her parents who she claimed 'abandoned' her and owe her money. But her hopes were dampened when Judge Peter Bogaard read an expletive-laden and vicious answerphone message left by Rachel, from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, to her mother, Elizabeth, and said: 'Have you ever in your experience seen such gross disrespect for a parent? I don't see it in my house.' Rachel, who is suing her parents for 'abandoning' her has made sensational claims that her mom calling her 'fat' and 'porky' led to her suffering bulimia and that her former police chief father dad used to get her drunk and kiss her inappropriately. The judge denied any immediate claim for cash and adjourned to a later date - but warned her there appeared to be insufficient evidence to support her claims so fa

Kim Jong-Un 'orders 33 people to be executed because they made contact with Christian missionary'

Vanished: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Choe Ryong Hae pictured in July last year, before rumours of a disappearance surfaced The Koreans have landed themselves in hot water after it emerged they had worked with South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook.

'I was one of Britain's fattest children': Super slimmer loses HALF his body weight and becomes a weight loss coach

Nathan Hewitt
Nathan Hewitt, 23, from Merthyr Tydfil, weighed 23st when he was just 15 (left) but went on a strict diet and dropped to 11st (right and inset). He decided to lose weight when he was unable to fit into a rollercoaster at Alton Towers. He has now been given a grant to set himself up as a weight loss coach for overweight children.

'See you later, Tam': Devastated husband, 45, said goodbye as wife, 37, died in hospital then went home and killed himself hours later while wearing her dressing gown and clutching her photo

Tragic: Adrian Cross, left, killed himself after his wife Tammy, right, died from a debilitating lung condition
Adrian Cross never spent a night apart from his wife Tammy during their 15-year marriage, and vowed that he would not live without her. Hours after she died from a debilitating lung condition in October last year, he was found dead at home wearing her pink dressing gown and holding her photograph. The pair married in the Dominican Republic in 1998 and lived together in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Britain wakes to a frosty, clear morning of fire and ice - but it's going to be HOTTER than the Greek Islands this weekend with temperatures set to rise to 18C in welcome warm spell at last

Chilly start: Some areas, including Malmesbury in Wiltshire, were covered in frost this morning, but the mercury is set to rise as the week goes on

The sunrise over the Peak District in Derbyshire is an early indication that spring sunshine is on its way and is set to replace the storm conditions that have blighted parts of the country since new year. The mercury is set to reach mid-teens this weekend, with some parts experiencing better weather than the South of France. An Otter at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey, (jnset) is already taking advantage of the sunny spells, and many Britons could be experiencing similar conditions on Saturday and Sunday

Gunmen seize city council in Iraq's Samarra

Hostages taken and more than 20 people injured as armed group seizes the city council headquarters of the Iraqi city.
Samarra has received people fleeing from violence in nearby Fallujah 
Armed men wearing military uniform have seized the city council headquarters in the Iraqi city of Samarra and taken employees hostage, the second such attack in recent months, police and witnesses said.
At least three policemen were killed in Tuesday's attack, while 25 policemen and eight civilians were wounded, including the deputy head of the city council, Ammar Ahmed, said Omar al-Obeidi, a doctor at Samarra hospital.
Two fighters, possibly wearing explosives-rigged vests or belts, seized the city council building with an unknown number of employees inside, security officials said.
"The gunmen are in the council building," Police Lieutenant Dhafir Ahmed said, according to Reuters news agency.
"Local council employees and court employees are trapped inside."
Clashes broke out between the fighters and security forces, and a suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle near police and militia forces when they arrived at the scene.
The attack in Samarra follows a similar incident in Tikrit, another city in the central Salaheddin province, where fighters detonated a car bomb and seized the city council headquarters on December 16.
Security forces ultimately freed the Tikrit hostages, but a city council member and two police were killed.
Escalating violence
The attack illustrates the impunity with which fighters in Iraq can strike even targets that should be highly secure.
Violence in Iraq has reached a level not seen since 2008, when the country was just emerging from a brutal period of sectarian violence in which tens of thousands died.
More than 1,750 people have been killed in attacks and clashes in Iraq since January 1, according to AFP figures based on security and medical sources.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says the upsurge is a spillover from the civil war in neighbouring Syria but critics say his own policies are at least partly to blame for reviving an insurgency that climaxed in 2006-07.

Oscar Pistorius breaks down in court as his lawyer argues that Reeva Steenkamp was so badly brain damaged by gunshot she couldn't have screamed

Footballer, 23, 'panicked' when he received topless selfie of 46-year-old blonde admin worker - because she was 'as old as his mother'

A member of staff at Burton Albion was alleged to have wandered into the dressing room as players were changing, a tribunal has been told
Burton Albion star Billy Kee, 23, (left) 'panicked' when he received topless selfie pictures from Kerry Miller, 46, (centre and far right) who is accusing the League Two team of driving her out of her job. Mr Kee told an employment tribunal how he sent naked pictures of himself to the blonde after receiving an image of her wearing underwear and another completely topless.

'I've found Mike!' Suicidal man whose life was saved by a stranger six years ago is reunited with him after global Twitter campaign #FindMike

Daybreak Two weeks ago, Jonny Benjamin, now 26, appeared on UK's Daybreak appealing for the man who encouraged him not to jump off Waterloo Bridge, in London, to come forward. Today, Mr Benjamin was back on the television programme but this time to reveal that following the search which went worldwide he has been reunited with the man who saved his life - Neil Laybourn, 31, from Surrey.

Teenager bullied 'over vote for Scots independence': Girl left in tears after becoming victim of anti-English abuse at her school

Sasha Bell-Newman, age 13 from Burntisland, a pupil at Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy, bullied because she is English An English-born schoolgirl was left in tears when she became the victim of vicious anti-English abuse in her Scottish secondary school. Sasha Bell-Newman, 13, was told to 'f*** off back to your own country' by a fellow pupil. According to Sasha's mother, Teresa, the pupils have recently been taught about the forthcoming independence referendum and had been encouraged to think about a Scottish national anthem.

Shamed TV football commentators in new sexism storm after video emerges of them chanting 'Get your t*** out' at female presenter

Richard Keys and Andy Gray Andy Gray and Richard Keys were sacked by Sky Sports following a series of allegedly misogynistic incidents, including mocking a woman linesman and making crude jokes on camera. A newly unearthed video shows the pair wolf-whistling at Sky's Clare Tomlinson, before shouting: 'Get off the pitch!' Mr Gray and Mr Keys then launched into a chant of 'Get your t**s out for the lads!' as their colleague waiting to begin recording.

The wettest January in 100 YEARS: Britain soaked by double the normal rainfall - and ANOTHER deluge is due this weekend

The wettest January in a CENTURY: Britain soaked by double the normal rainfall - and another deluge is due this weekend
Parts of southern England have had the most rain in January since records began in 1910. A large area from East Devon to Kent and inland across parts of the Midlands has already seen twice the average rainfall for the month. Pictured above is the spectacular moment lightning struck close to Tower Bridge.

Unveiled, face of the woman who refused to remove her niqab in court as she dramatically pleads guilty to witness intimidation

Rebekah Dawson
Rebekah Dawson, 22 – whose refusal to remove the full face covering has caused controversy – is pictured here for the first time. The image can finally be revealed after she dramatically admitted witness intimidation. Her guilty plea followed a six-day trial during which a judge controversially allowed her to wear the niqab after ruling that the court should recognise ‘freedom of religious expression’.

Is this the cheapest house in Britain? Tiny terrace in Wales goes on sale for just £8,000 (but the toilet's in the garden)

Is this the cheapest house in Britain? Tiny terrace in Wales goes on sale for just £8,000 (but the toilet's in the garden)
The one-bedroom property in Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, which goes under the hammer in two weeks' time, will require considerably more than a lick of paint. With many parts of Britain are going through a housing boom and the average London home now costing £400,000, the diminutive house is expected buck the trend and sell for less than the cost of a cheap small car.

'Shaken' Paddy Ashdown and wife Jane in fatal car crash which left man, 49, dead

Paddy Ashdown and his wife Jane involved in fatal car crash in which 49-year-old man died on Somerset road
The 72-year-old peer was being driven by his wife Jane (right) when they were involved in the crash at a notorious accident black spot near their home. It is thought a Vauxhall Corsa driven by Mark Hurford (left) clipped the Ashdowns' Renault Scenic as it came round a corner. Both the peer and his wife walked away unscathed but Mr Hurford, who was 49, died at the scene.

Haunting exhibits recalling the grief and terror of 9/11

911 memorial museum
Some of the heartbreaking items at the new 9/11 museum in New York include a scorched ambulance (main picture), destroyed traffic signals (top right) and abandoned bikes (bottom right). But there has been was controversy over the high ticket price of $24 announced last Friday.

'My dog savaged me three times but I won't let them put him down'

Angela Fielder with Boris Boris mauled Angela Fielder, 39, from Wallsend, North Tyneside, who was hospitalised but insisted she had no problems for most of the six-year-old's life. After the attacks he was remorseful, she claimed, cuddling up to her. 'The bites were my fault,' she added. 'Most people say what a soppy, lovely dog he is'.

'Are you gonna kill me?

'You're not going to f****** kill me!': Ross Kemp stares down guerrillas in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
The 49-year-old former EastEnders hardman and his crew had hiked into jungle near the city of Hagan to interview 'The General', the leader of a gang of violent robbers who terrorise the slums. But the expedition nearly ended in disaster after three men wielding rifles and shotguns emerged from the bush and pointed the weapons at Mr Kemp.

Schumacher 'has responded to instructions' and 'was able to blink during brain tests' as doctors bring him out of his coma, say sources

Support act: Schumacher's wife Corinna insists her husband is a 'fighter' who will not give up Seven-times Formula One world champion Schumacher, 45, has spent the last month in hospital after sustaining brain injuries following a skiing accident.

Diving for their lives: Heart stopping footage shows Thailand tourist boat going down in just minutes as terrified passengers hurl themselves overboard

Dramatic footage of a boat sinking in just minutes off the coast of Thailand as passengers hurl themselves overboard
As the ship - named the Aladdin - goes down in just minutes, people can be heard screaming and shouting for help as they realise that they are in grave danger. Some of the passengers who jumped off the boat were sucked under the waves as they tried to escape. Others were able to dive to safety. Miraculously none of the 13 people on board died after people on another boat swam over to save them.

'I got a call from Scorsese, he wants to do a sequel': Mob lawyer jokes outside court as the 'Real Goodfellas' deny involvement in 1978 Lufthansa JFK heist made famous by the movie

Goodfellas arrest preview
As alleged mob boss Vincent Asaro, top left, was charged with the 1978 Lufthansa heist, his attorney, right, joked about the raid's Goodfellas connection. After his 78-year-old client pleaded not guilty to robbery charges, attorney Gerald McMahon joked that director Martin Scorsese wanted to do a sequel to the film. Asaro is one of five alleged mafia members arrested this week. The others include Thomas DiFore, Jerome Asaro, Jack Bonventre and John Ragano.


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